This course is a Learning Communities course, a program that offers students in linked courses opportunities including orientation activities and student success seminars, a peer mentor, and activities centered on a theme. Your ENG 1101 course is linked with a math course taught by Professor Grazyna Niezgoda. You will receive information on this program as the semester continues. Our Learning Community theme is: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Strategies for Success and Satisfaction in College Getting into college is exciting! Maintaining that excitement is hard work but work worth doing. In this learning community, your math and writing studies will be augmented with a crash course in happiness and satisfaction. We’ll use activities to define what happiness means for college students; rethink goal setting and study habits to consider how time can be maximized; learn how to set useful self-expectations at the beginning and end of the semester; and also discuss services and programs here at City Tech designed to help you maintain your calm throughout your first semester of college and beyond.

As part of your First Year Learning Community, you will also have a Peer Mentor! Your peer mentor will up load information and videos throughout the course.