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Unit 2 Assignment: Due on Blackboard On or Before Nov. 10

Your assignment for Unit 2 is due on Tuesday, Nov. 10 on Blackboard. The paper can be found in the class folder marked Assignments, under Unit 2: Annotated Bibliography.  The link here is live if you are logged onto Blackboard. If not, there will be a prompt to get into our class. Remember:

  • You must check off the box for SafeAssign.
  • Upload your paper as a file (pdf or Word). I will not accept papers submitted as a text submission.

Below is a technical video of how to upload the assignment and a review of the Grading Rubric (how I will grade your work).




Revising and Re-Writing the Unit 2 Assignment

By now you have experienced the process of writing new work and reading and considering the work of one or more of your peers.

Now, you will revisit your own work and think about feedback you may have received. What can you change in your own writing to make the Annotated Bibliography convey to your reader what you wish to convey. Revising is time-consuming work, but it is often the most fruitful because you are no longer looking at a blank page.

This resource, Steps for Revising Your Paper from the Purdue Online Writing Lab offers tips for successful revision. Among these tips are:

  • Find your main point. Will your reader know what your research question or hypothesis is by reading your introduction?
  • Identify your readers/audience and the purpose.  Who is your audience? Though you may not answer this directly in your Annotated Bibliography, you might think about this as you consider language and tone.
  • Evaluate your evidence. What sources did you choose as your source entries? You were to have 3-4 source entries. Do they make sense? Do you want to add one after thinking about your work more? Remember, one of the sources can be a video or interview. The others should be library resources.

You might also review the assignment on the OpenLab page: Unit 2: Annotated Bibliography


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