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Whitney Dale -ESSAY 3 first page

Whitney Dale

ENG 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

Essay 3 First Page


In “ New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat, The two main characters are Suzette and her mom. Suzette is a youthful Haitian lady who works in the city and her mom is a Haitian outsider who is stuck in a rut. The author shows how life is like for immigrants and how they adapt
to our society. As you read on the daughter is showing more effort to adapt to society working in the big city but the mother is hesitant to adapt. Suzette accidentally saw her mother who will never go outside of Brooklyn, now strolls the streets in Manhattan. Due to shock, the daughter began to follow her mother, then finds out the hidden side of her mother. As Suzette follows her mom, she then loaded with memorable statements of things her mom has advised her before. As she was getting to know her mother in this process as well. That is the reason “New York Day Women” is such a amazing story to read, her mom’s challenges with American culture, envision Suzette’s when she sees her mother strolling in Manhattan. Throughout the story, the relationship between Suzette, and her mother changes. It goes from, confuse love for her mother to Suzette learning to accept, appreciate and love her mother more then she thought.

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Sean Scanlan

Reacher Essay

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)


The Ethics In New York Day Women

New York Day Women is short story wrote by Edwidge Danticat,a female American-Haitian novelist. In this short story author descried a daughter from a Haiti immigrant family who work as a while-collar in an advertisement company’s office,accidently saw her mother,a woman will never shop outside of Brooklyn,now stroll in Manhattan. The curiosity force the daughter to follow her mother,then find out the hidden side of her mother. In the story the mother did many different choices compare to what she told to his daughter. The reason for change the choice is because mother apply different ethics due to different relationship. In other work,different relation or condition between different person will cause people apply to different ethics and lead to a different choice. In order to support and explain the idea,first I will explore the scene where the daughter comparing her mother will not give seat to others in the subway to hit by a car in Haiti,which involve the Utilitarian Ethics and Global Ethics. Then I will talk about the Deontology Ethics follow by mother in the scene,when she never attend to parent teacher meeting,because she doesn’t want to make her daughter feel shame. Finally it is the scene of daughter decide to give her seat out on a subway train,because the old lady remind the daughter of his mother,so she apply Virtue Ethics to make this choose.

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Feston Joseph




Eng1121 (Prof Scanlan)


In New York Day Women the author shows how life is like for immigrants and how they adapt.It is about a Haitian mother and a haitian daughter and they have to adapt to American lifestyle.The mother keeps a lot of traits from her Haitian culture but the daughter is adapting quickly.This shows that the daughter is showing more effort to adapt but the mother is hesitant to adapt and she isn’t showing as much enthusiasm to adapt.A example of the mother keeping parts of Haitian culture is when she told the daughter yo give up her seat to a pregnant woman or a old woman.this shows that the daughter obeys the mother to show that she has respect for her.In the story the mother and the daughter have a relationship where they don’t see  eye to eye and they disagree about a lot of things but they have a relationship where they have a  understanding with each other.


The author wanted to show that when immigrants move to America they have to adapt to American lifestyle.It could be hard  for some of them but for other immigrants they put more effort to doing that.

Essay 3 First Page



Andy Zhang

Essay 3 First Page

English 1121 (Prof.Scanlan)



 “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” Work Ethic VS Feminist, Deontology Ethics and Gender Roles 


In Tony Parson’s short story “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye,” the central character was Jaswinder “Jazz” Smith, who works as a border examiner agency at the United Kingdom airport. Jazz dealt with differents passengers and examine their passport and check their reason for entering the United Kingdom. Due to her super sharp sense as a female examiner, and her knowledge in psychology, she was able to discover that the man in black was a drug smuggler and Donald with a forged passport. The strong combinations of Feminists, and Deontology ethic that Jazz displays differently among Donald, and Megan and other passengers during different situations that each passenger posses perfectly reveals the idea that work ethic which is the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward can be affected by gender roles. 


In Kirsten Stam, Ellen Verbakel & Paul M. de Graaf’s article “Do Values Matter? The Impact of Work Ethic and Traditional Gender Role Values on Female Labour Market Supply,” Kirsten examines the idea of the explanatory value of work ethic and traditional gender role value with regards to the variation in the female labor market supply. Where the idea that of work ethic can precede one’s motivation to work and is able to explain one’s effects in the moral role and gender role. On the other hand, in Kate Krueger article “The Woman at Home in the World: Annie Swan’s Lady Doctor and the Problem of the Fin de Siècle Working Woman,”  Kate explores the idea that a woman would not lose her femininity through work ethic and maintain a public role in support of women’s employment after marriage. While I was satisfied with Kate’s idea that a woman would not lose her femininity through work ethic, I think that Kirsten’s idea of the explanatory value of work ethic and traditional gender role value makes a better claim on the idea that work ethic can be affected by gender roles. In order to show this, I will first discuss how Jazz’s gender role and feminist, Deontology ethic is affecting work ethic while dealing with Donald and Megan. Second, I will use the ideas of Kirsten “Do Values Matter? The Impact of Work Ethic and Traditional Gender Role Values on Female Labour Market Supply,” to discuss that gender role can greatly affect work ethic. Lastly, I will explore and examine the idea that work ethic can be affected by Feminist, and Deontology ethics of a female gender role. 


Essay three first page for “New York day women”

Humaiya Sawda
English 1121 (Prof Scanlan)
May 9, 2020

Transition from Haiti to America

In “ New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat, there are two main characters. The two main characters are Suzette ,who is a youthful Haitian lady who works in New York’s Midtown and also her mother. Suzette’s mom is a Haitian outsider who is stuck in a rut. This story is about Suzette, the storyteller of “New York Day Women,” is having a run of the mill day in New York City when she sees her walking around the streets of Manhattan. Suzette is shocked, in light of the fact that as far as anyone is concerned her mom has never been outside of Brooklyn. Her mom has never at any point seen the place of business where Suzette works, and she is likewise scared of taking the metro. Stunned and somewhat stressed, Suzette chooses to follow her mom as she strolls the roads. As Suzette tails her mom, her psyche is loaded up with memorable statements of things her mom has advised her before. She was getting to know her mother in this process as well. To Suzette’s eyes, while her mom’s body may have arrived in America, her essence never made the excursion. Suzette has looked as her mom battles to grapple with certain “American” practices, such as “eating out” and providing for Goodwill. In this story, There are instances of the genuine and genuine battles foreigners have while showing up in the United States. For such a great deal of culture stun and the trouble of digestion are incapacitating and make progressing to America an incomprehensible undertaking. That is the reason “New York Day Women” is such a refreshing story to read. In the wake of seeing firsthand her mom’s challenges with American culture, envision Suzette’s stun when she sees that equivalent lady enduring and flourishing in Manhattan. Suzette’s mom strolls the road certainly “with a cheerful step,” as though she has lived in New York her whole life. While reading this story I found that the cracks between the moms and daughters are significant, and that gap hole between the moms and daughters were augmented by the contrasts among Haitian and American culture and by the multifaceted nature of the political connection between the nations.

In the article, “Women like and unlike us” by Davinia Yalimaiwai goes into topics such as motherhood and immigrant parents who come to America for their children. It is stated “Thus, the daughter depicted through different characters in Danticat‟s stories has ambivalent relations to the ethnic culture of her mother because the daughter has yet to understand the sacrifice the mother made in migrating to America.” “New York Day Women” displays a solid feeling of motherhood, which permits the primary character to develop into an all the more all around characterized lady. The sacrifices the moms suffered in coming to America were exclusively for their daughter‟s fates. Also, it baffles the immigrant mother when she understands that her fantasies are not in a state of harmony with her bicultural daughter‟s. She touches base on sacrifices which is also a part of motherhood.

First Page Draft- Leviza Murtazayeva

Leviza Murtazayeva

English 1121- Prof. Scanlan

First Page Draft


Immersion into a New Lifestyle


Many known stories create a picture of perfect ethics. But there are fewer stories that show the real picture, feelings, emotions, fears, etc. Mostly characters may have exaggerated emotions, it is different from short stories that hit home to those who emerged into a new environment and are forced to nothing but assimilate to a new lifestyle. The short story “Assimilation,” by E.L. Doctorow demonstrates the central characters to be Roman and Jelena. Roman is pictured as a stressed of life Hispanic college student, that works at any vacancy to pay off his college bills and for housing. Roman works as a dishwasher at a restaurant later is promoted to a busboy. Happy about his increase to the wage, he gets an offer from his boss Borislav, of three thousand dollars to marry his relative and make her legal in the United States. This is when we meet the next main character Jelena, a young woman that has the main goal of just moving and becoming legal in the United States. Ethics are the moral presentations of how society should act, fairly to others. Does that mean people will become apathetic to others or the opposite, is there a reason for any person to sacrifice themselves for someone else? The main conflict of this short story occurs between the two different sides, the morality and self-satisfaction, which characters seem to deal with constantly.

In the article by John McGowan “Ways of Worldmaking: Hannah Arendt and E.L. Doctorow” the reader may realize the real circumstances that may occur concerning “desolation”– emptiness, which gives a reader an idea of some type of view such as modernity. My goal for this research is to help readers of Doctorow’s work to recognize the prospection of the author and his point of view by including political ethics in the short stories. The closest relation of ethics for “Assimilation,” and central characters’ actions is Virtue ethics. Roman believes it is not moral to have a marriage without love and for money, this is why he would be cautious about his decisions about taking the offer and marrying Jelena, who does not have the same morals.


First Page- Jennifer Zheng

Jennifer Zheng

English 1121

May 10, 2020

In Tony Parsons’ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, the main characters are Jaswinder Smith also known as Jazz, Megan, Donald Harrison, Norm, and the man in black. In this short story, Jazz’s job as an immigration officer of the UK Border Agency is to evaluate travelers and notified if they’re skeptical, forbidden them from entering the United Kingdom. She secures the airport with other fellow agents. With her new partner, who’s a young officer, Norm who been working mostly Customs, she was able to show her growth and superior as the day goes on. The story display Jazz and the other travelers she encounters’ interaction revealing their ethics.

In the CNN Wire’s article, “Seven days at Heathrow: Writer’s extra-long layover,” shares how Tony Parsons elaborates his short stories’ characters when he was Heathrow’s “writer in residence.” In another article from M2 Communications, “UK Border Agency: Internet boyfriend refused entry to the UK,” it talks about global ethics in the United Kingdom. This article also relates to the short story with a similar case where two tourists that Jazz’s encountered. While CNN Wire’s article satisfies readers’ attention with a bit of insight into how his character was developed after observing the airport within the week, M2 Communications focusses on the global markets, and or ethics that makes a better claim. In order to prove this, I will explore how travelers’ Jazz meet involves global ethics and more.

Essay 3 First Page – Zachary M.

Zachary McCallum 

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan) 




 ‘New York Day Women’ Literary Research Paper 


“New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat focuses primarily on a mother and daughter who immigrated to the U.S from Haiti. Suzette (the daughter) is on a lunch break in Manhattan when she catches her mother out and about. This throws her off guard because according to her, her mother has never left Brooklyn and is wary about taking the train. Suzette follows her mother around to see what she’s up to.  


 In the article “Oral narrative as short story cycle: forging community in Edwidge Danticat’s Krik? Krak!, Rocio G. Davis dives into topics such as motherhood, womanhood, class issues and much more. While Rocio G. Davis’ article dives into those specific topics “Mothering the Motherless: Portrayals of alternative mothering, practicing within the Caribbean diaspora by Amanda Putnam adds the focus of identifying one’s self along with motherhood. Both articles share a strong message of motherhood, feminism, class issues and self-empowermentIn an effort to show this, I will show how “New York Day Women” exhibits a strong sense of motherhood and feminist ethics which allows the main character to grow into a more well-defined woman. After this, I will go into detail about the self-awareness the main character goes through due to the help of her mother.  


Throughout the story Suzanne’s recalls bits of advice and messages that her mother used to give her throughout her lifetime. Through her mother’s guidance and counsel Suzanne became enlightened 



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First Page – Raysi Perez

Raysi Perez

Essay 3 First Page

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 10, 2020


In Ha Jin’s “A Good Fall,” the main characters are Ganchin, Master Zong, Cindy, and Fanku. In this story, a Monk named Ganchin got fired from his job by Master Zong, he asked Master Zong for his money but he wouldn’t give it to him. He had no money and no place to live so Cindy told Ganchin to stay at her place but he refused. He ended up staying at Fanku’s house since he had no money but then Fanku lied and betrayed Ganchin by telling Master Zong where he was staying. Master Zong took Ganchin to the airport so that he could go back to China but Ganchin escaped. After escaping, Ganchin decided that he wanted to kill himself so he jumped off a building but luckily for him he only injured himself. The article, “The myth of “Chinese” literature: Ha Jin and the globalization of “national” literary writing” by Lo Kwai-Cheung, talks about Ha Jin’s literary writing. On the other hand, Holly E. Martin’s article “Falling Into America: The Downside of Transnational Identities in Ha Jin’s A Good Fall,” Talks about Immigrants and what they go through living in flushing Chinatown. While Kwai-Cheung’s article talks about Ha Jin’s literary writing, I think Martin’s article would be a better article to write about because it focuses on the short story “A Good Fall” and it goes into detail. In order to prove this, I will talk about how Ganchin, Master Zong, Fanku, and Cindy were affected as immigrants in the U.S. 

First Page Brendan Gonzalez

Brendan Gonzalez 

Professor Scanlan 

In the short story “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons jaswinder the main character who is a UK immigration officer who depends on her intuition and eyes, Jazz’s main objective is protecting the UK and the people who live there if she lets the wrong person through that could cost. Although Jazz makes her decisions on questions and answers it also could be based off looks gender and race along with other traits.

Rosemary P Carbine article “Religious studies classrooms as counterpublic spaces: a feminist theological and theatrical perspective”, the first paragraph speaks on the terms of race, gender ….. (etc) and class in civil society “U.S. public life fails to realize its egalitarian(believing in the principle that all people are equal) vision of communicative practices in civil society; instead, it operates in exclusionary ways with roots in race, gender, class, ethnic, religious, and other social constructs”, I will go over the connection of Jaswinder as a immigration officer and Rosemary’s article, first ill show Jaswinder in her story and how she dealt with people through the course of the story in different situation and second go over the article I picked and relate the two. 

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