Raysi Perez

Essay 3 First Page

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 10, 2020


In Ha Jin’s “A Good Fall,” the main characters are Ganchin, Master Zong, Cindy, and Fanku. In this story, a Monk named Ganchin got fired from his job by Master Zong, he asked Master Zong for his money but he wouldn’t give it to him. He had no money and no place to live so Cindy told Ganchin to stay at her place but he refused. He ended up staying at Fanku’s house since he had no money but then Fanku lied and betrayed Ganchin by telling Master Zong where he was staying. Master Zong took Ganchin to the airport so that he could go back to China but Ganchin escaped. After escaping, Ganchin decided that he wanted to kill himself so he jumped off a building but luckily for him he only injured himself. The article, “The myth of “Chinese” literature: Ha Jin and the globalization of “national” literary writing” by Lo Kwai-Cheung, talks about Ha Jin’s literary writing. On the other hand, Holly E. Martin’s article “Falling Into America: The Downside of Transnational Identities in Ha Jin’s A Good Fall,” Talks about Immigrants and what they go through living in flushing Chinatown. While Kwai-Cheung’s article talks about Ha Jin’s literary writing, I think Martin’s article would be a better article to write about because it focuses on the short story “A Good Fall” and it goes into detail. In order to prove this, I will talk about how Ganchin, Master Zong, Fanku, and Cindy were affected as immigrants in the U.S.