Patricia Vitebsky

Professor Scanlan

English 1121


In the poem “New York Subway” written by Hilda Morely the author shows how people show their generosity. This is shown by the person who gives up his seat or simply by people helping each other onto the subway. It shows happiness in the teenagers talking and playing music. It shows culture and how people come together as a city. The author shows the beauty by using explication to describe the subway on a Saturday evening. The author explains the good deeds people do for each other, like holding the door for people who are slower. She shows how happy people are by expressing how they’re  laughing and joking around. Other people are more serious. The author believes in kindness and that the little things can make someone’s day. “The beauty of people in the subway that evening, Saturday, holding the door for whomever was slower”. Helping each other should be in our culture as well as making others smile. Morely uses explication to describe the environment she sees in the subway. She describes the type of people who ride on the subway on saturday evening from the way they look to the way they act.

The author ends the story with “learning from us what we learn from each other” this shows that she wants people to learn from the kindness others give and that will help us all come together as a city. Helping each other is a sign of respect and goodness that will most likely be returned to you. I think that the author is trying to make the first step into changing the mindsets of New Yorkers for the better.