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1 The short story that I chose was “New York day women”.I liked it because it shows how the speaker’s mother adapted to a new environment.It shows how foreigners maintain their cultural ideas but still adapt to new ideas and attitudes.

2 The short story was about a Haitian American girl and her mother taking different approches to different parts of American culture but in the end they have a understanding.

3 The daughter lives in Brooklyn follows her mother around and still keeps some aspects of Haitian culture.For example she gives up her seat to a elderly woman or pregnant woman because her mother expects her to do this.

The mother is a Haitian woman who lives in Brooklyn with her daughter  and wants to get a better life and adapt to America


4The daughter (Ethics) The daughter has proggressive attitudes because she is open to change while her mother is being open to change step by step.In the end they have different attitudes but they still adapt.


Research Prospectus

Erica Kremer

ENG 1121

Research Prospectus


The short story I have chosen is “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons and I chosen this story because there was some humor added into it along with modern day situations. For example the story included famous people in todays culture such as Prince Harry and Meghan. In the story it starts off in the airport and the main character which is Jazz who works in airports security and she witnesses many people come in into the country with fake passports or try to smuggle drugs. In the story she encounters a women named Megan who claimed she is visiting the UK just to visit for tourist attractions when Jazz knew that wasn’t the reason she as visiting. Soon to realize that Megan is visiting to get married and not touring the UK. The main characters in the story are Jazz, Ken, Meghan, and Norm. Jazz is a mindful and determined worker who makes sure she gets her job done and tries to get the truth and answer out of every situation. While Jazz’z co worker Ken seems to be more of a co dependent person because he usually relies on Jazz’s decision and follows more of her instructions. Jazz seems to fall into more of a Virtue ethnic because she believes she has role and motive and that is to get her job done well and make sure she gets all the right answers for example she figured out the real reason why Meghan traveled to the UK.

“New York Day Women”

Ibrahim Mfosah

Research Prospectus

English 1121(Prof. Scanlan)

April 30th, 2020


New York Day Women 


“New York Day Women,” is a short story by Edwidge Danticat. I chose this story, because it points out relationships between most immigrant parents, and their children. Most often children of immigrants tend to have a different lifestyle than their parents.  They have different values, and needs, and their ways of solving problems. The children tend to end up assimilating to the cultures of their country of residence.  Such is the relationship between Suzette and her mother. They seem to be in conflict with each other, but also sharing a strong love bond.

The story is about a woman and her immigrant mother living in New York City. The mother is an immigrant from Haiti. They have a really interesting relationship between them, as they so often do not agree with each other.  Suzette found her mother wandering the streets of Manhattan, and is surprised to see her mother out in the city during the day. She followed her around to see what she was up to. She discovered that her mother actually goes out of the house, and has her daily routine. Suzette monitored her mother’s movements, and actions recalling things that had happened in the past. Eventually, she ends up going back to work feeling guilty for not calling her mother, and letting her know that she had seen her.

The main characters in the story are Suzette, and her mother. Suzette is a daughter of an immigrant mother who has mostly different views from her mother. Her decision was to be different from her mother. She did not call her when she saw her in the city. Suzette changes her ethics throughout the story. In the beginning of the story, she could be seen with a Feminist ethics, but towards the end her ethics changed to virtue ethics. The mother was an immigrant from Haiti, who was more inclined to her native cultures and values. Her decisions are not quite clear, since she did what she said she did not like. Her ethics are the same throughout the short story. She can be described as having Global ethics, and Utilitarian ethics. 

Jennifer- Research Prospectus

Jennifer Zheng

English 1121

May 3, 2020

1- The short story “A Good Fall,” by Ha Jin somewhat pulls me in, unlike the other stories. The story did well expressing Ganchin’s miserable life after coming to America as an immigrate.

2—The short story “A Good Fall” is about Ganchin’s hardship he has to face after his contract expires. Master Zong who hasn’t paid him a single cent since Ganchin started working under him. Pushing Ganchin to the edge of a cliff, not knowing how to go on with his life and decided to commit suicide.

3/4-Ganchin- A twenty-eight-year-old monk and a kung fu teacher. Back when he was still in China, he decided to work hard to come to America after hearing others bragging about the opportunity found there. With no money what so ever, and being fired by master Zong, he chose to follow Ganpling’s example. The ethics Ganchin has are virtues, deontology, and global.

Master Zong- the master of the Gaolin temple. He’s a selfish and greedy person who Ganchin sadly encounters when he arrived in America. He makes his monks work without giving any salary. After knowing Ganchin’s plan to commit suicide, Master Zong decides to kidnap him and send Ganchin back to China before he could make a scene. The ethics master Zong has is ultiltrain.

Cindy- A twenty-five year ago old “ABC” flight attendant who was fond of Ganchin and once learned martial arts from Ganchin when visiting Tianjin City. She chooses to provide Ganchin with information on how to become a citizen like marrying a U.S citizen. The ethics she has are utilitarian and virtue.

Fanku- someone Ganchin came to know about six months ago at a celebration of a Spring Festival who provided a place for Ganchin to stay and food but wouldn’t really say he’s Ganchin’s friend. Even though he doesn’t have much money himself, he still decided to take Ganchin in. The ethics Fanku has is utilitarian and deontology.

Research Prospectus-Leviza Murtazayeva

Leviza Murtazayeva

English 1121- Prof. Scanlan

Research Prospectus

  A short story I chose is titled “Assimilation” by E.L. Doctorow. This story caught my interest mostly because of its clear and up-front information and storytelling. It is a story that shares the life of regular people who may be dealing with legal reasons. Sometimes, in some areas, the story “Assimilation” hits home because I have read the news before about people doing this for a better life. Assimilation is an idea that one is taking in and fully understanding information or ideas that have been proposed by a different area, that can happen in relocation such as moving to a different country. This story was chosen to be my favorite because the story is very familiar to many stories I like to read and that I have read before. The theme and the style of this book have caught my attention since there is dialogue and it helps a reader feel all the emotions the author is expressing through the narrator. 

      This story begins with a description of a man who may be Hispanic that works in a restaurant as a dishwashing person. The man’s name is Ramon he was a legal citizen and he had a college education, meanwhile, his Russian boss is an immigrant. Ramon later finds himself being promoted as a busboy. Eventually, the boss asks Ramon if he could marry his Russian relative Jelena so that she can stay legally in the states. Later when Ramon finally goes to Europe to meet his future wife. He finally gets married to her and she is now legal. And she treats him like dirt, she believes that she has no reason to be kind to him. Bad situations happened around them with the help of the Russian family, the couple spent more time, and Ramon learned more about him. Despite her initial attitude, their affection and love for each other grew and they did not want later divorce as they were planning before.

        Ramon is a struggling college student, who works as a dishwashing man, and is one day offered a promotion that changes his life. Ramon seems like a naive and gullible person, he decides to dive into the arranged marriage to make some money in the result. Russian Boss, Borislav, is a very strict and commanding person, he risks a lot of what he has to set up this marriage with his employee. Jelena is very apathetic even though she was the one who needed the legalization to be successfully done.

       The ethics that Ramon seems to follow are mostly normative, such as Utilitarianism and virtue, since he does have his moral about his education and his legalization, even though he is Hispanic and not so wealthy. For the second main character, Borislav mostly follows global ethics, which means that he just follows the morals that are made up for everyone. Jelena has overlapping of normative and feminist ethics. You can make that conclusion when she acts with an attitude towards Ramon, who didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, later giving up the emotions and fall for him truly.


Whitney Dale – Research Prospectus

Whitney Dale

Research Prospectus  

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan) 

May 3, 2020 


  1. The author of “New York Day Women” is Edwidge Danticat. I liked this story because it shows how the readers mother overcame and adapted into a new living.
  2. According to the narrator the mother was afraid to take the subway which then, Suzette worried. However, as she finds her mother in Manhattan she then followed her around and end up discovering more and more about her.
  3. The Daughter: Moved to Brooklyn from Haiti with her family when she was a young girl. A decision she make was to take it upon herself to follow her mother around where she surprisingly founds out what her mother does daily. She also makes the decision to give up her seat for an older woman or pregnant woman due to her respect for her mother.

The Mother: Came to Brooklyn from Haiti with her husband and young daughter. A decision she makes is to take care of peoples children daily. Another choice she chooses to make is to take control of her life and not let fear hold her back to adapt to the new world she’s never experienced.

4. Mother (Ethics): In this short story the speaker’s mother exhibits feminist ethics. The reason is because her taking care of other people children is a traditional normative for women. Daughter (Ethics): In “New York Day Women” the daughter shows deontology ethics. In the beginning she said that she usually wouldn’t give up her seat for an elderly but, in the end she remembers her mother’s words and realizes that giving up her seat is the right thing to do. Which shows how much respect she has for her mother.

Brendan Gonzalez Research Prospectus

Brendan Gonzalez 

Professor Scanlan 

Research Prospectus 

The story I decided on is “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons one of the main reasons I picked this story is because its at an airport and I find airports to be fun and going different places. 

The summary of this story is about a immigration officer in the Uk named Jaswinder Smith who interacts with people entering the UK and making sure they’re there for the right reasons, something she might do is ask questions about your visit and see how you respond just to make sure everything sounds right and if it does she’ll let you be on your way but if it doesn’t add up you won’t, she’ll put you on the side in a room and you’ll need to wait until further notice. 

Main characters- Jaswinder/Jazz and the people she interacts with 

Jazz is good at making decisions on the spot maybe even under pressure when it comes to letting people in the UK. The people she runs into are all different types of people. 

Some ethics Jazz follows are responsibility, choice, principles,honor. Jazz follows those ethics because of her job and they depend on her to follow those for the safety of the UK and the people.

Research Prospectus on “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” 

Andy zhang

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

Research Prospectus on “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” 

May 3, 2020

Tony Parson’s “ Say Hello Wave Goodbye,” was my favorite short story because I really liked the way how the narrator presents the idea of the feminist ethic through the main character Jaswinder ‘Jazz’ Smith. The story takes place in the United kingdom airport where Jazz works as a border agency. She encounters a lot of different people, but they all have a common goal; to enter the United Kingdom. Jazz first question a bride that is in her wedding dress who claims that she is going to be marrying Prince Harry and then was let in.  Megan an 18-year-old that plans to visit the most famous wax museum and try world-famous British finest pizza; and Donald Harrison who was caught again with an unqualified passport that was checked for forgery by ken, UKBA officer for trying to enter the United Kingdom. And at last when Jazz was dealing with the man in black that was later discovered and caught as a drug smuggler. From the beginning to the end of the story, Jazz perfectly portrays the idea of a feminist ethic through her word and action as a border agency. 


Jaswinder ‘Jazz’ Smith: she is a sharp, sensitive, strong, and independent woman. 

  1. When Jazz chooses the choice to let the bride go: Feminist and Virtua ethics.


  1. When Jazz decides to Use Psychology to question the man in black: Feminist and Utilitarian ethics. And her role as a female border agency had played a great role in impacting her feminist ethics.

Research Prospectus

Humaiya Sawda
Research Prospectus
English 1121 (Prof Scanlan)
May 3, 2020

Research Prospectus of “New York Day Women”

1) “New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat is my favorite short story because it a sweet and short story that changes us from Haiti to America. Its extraordinary structure permits the reader to see depictions from the lives of Haitian ladies in their new environment. Even though these perceptions are hilarious inside the setting of the story, they are instances of the genuine and genuine battles foreigners have while showing up in the United States. For such a great deal of, culture stun and the trouble of digestion are incapacitating and make progressing to America an about incomprehensible undertaking. That is the reason “New York Day Women” is such a refreshing story to read.

2) Main Characters: There are two main characters in New York Day Women. The two characters are Suzette who is a youthful Haitian lady who works in New York’s Midtown. Suzette thinks about her mom as somewhat irritating and is amazed to find that there are things she doesn’t think about her. Regardless Suzette loves her mom, and she needs her endorsement despite the fact that she overlooks her reactions Suzette’s mom a Haitian outsider who is stuck in a rut. Suzette’s mom needs Suzette to resemble her and much of the time scrutinizes her. She longs for winning the lottery however doesn’t play it, and she discusses Haiti yet can’t confront its enduring by visiting. Suzette’s mom is embarrassed about her modest activity.

3) This story is about Suzette, the storyteller of “New York Day Women,” is having a run of the mill day in New York City when she sees her walking around the streets of Manhattan. Suzette is shocked, in light of the fact that as far as anyone is concerned her mom has never been outside of Brooklyn. Her mom has never at any point seen the place of business where Suzette works, and she is likewise scared of taking the metro. Stunned and somewhat stressed, Suzette chooses to follow her mom as she strolls the roads. As Suzette tails her mom, her psyche is loaded up with memorable statements of things her mom has advised her before. She was getting to know her mother in this process as well. To Suzette’s eyes, while her mom’s body may have arrived at America, her essence never made the excursion. Suzette has looked as her mom battles to grapple with certain “American” practices, such as “eating out” and providing for Goodwill.

4) Suzette notices how her mom utilizes her past and roots to change in accordance with her new life in America. She made the decision to adjust to life in New York but also implement her old customs too. So, she has decided to do both. Not at all like Suzette who morals moved, is her mom’s sort of morals of goodness and worldwide. This is shown from start to finish, and it at last rubs on Suzette, thus the move of morals for her. They both use ethics but in different ways.

Joyce- Research Prospectus

Joyce Wu 

Research Prospectus

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 3, 2020

“A Good Fall”


  1. The short story I chose is “A Good Fall,” by Ha Jin. I like this story because Ganchin went through many challenges in his life. We met two friends of his, Fanku and Cindy. Seeing Ganchin coming to New York and working extremely hard made me feel empathy when he went and asked for his pay because he needed money. Master Zong refused to believe he deserved the salary and kept pushing him to go back to his country. He never encouraged him, but his friends and people he met along the way were great mentors and stabilized him. Therefore, I find this story to be inspiring and motivating to readers who might know someone or is going through similar situations in life to never give up.
  2. Ganchin works at a temple in Flushing,New York and being a monk wasn’t easy for him. He struggles to be financially stable or even to have money. Fortunately enough Fanku let him stay over at the place and took care of him. Although, he did let Master Zong and emotions get in the way of wanting to kill himself. It didn’t work out in the end and he came to a realization that there are people who care about him. 
  3. Main Characters:
  • Ganchin- He is a monk and kung fu teacher.

The choice/decisions he made was living at a friends house, escape from Master Zong when he was kidnapping him to the airport and attempting to sucide afterwards. 

  • Cindy- She was once a student back at his monastery and kungfu school in Tianjin City and learned martial arts. She works as a flight attendant.

The choices/decisions she made was helping Ganchin by providing advice, offering him to stay at her place and even getting two lawyers for him at the end.

  • Fanku- in the story stated “not really Ganchin’s friend”, however was the friend that let Ganchin stay over at his house. He worked as a line cook and met at a spring festival celebration. 

The choices/decisions he made was supplying him with food and a place to stay and even some money when he was struggling financially himself. He betrays him by telling Master Zong.

  • Master Zong- He was the boss of Ganchin and is very controlling and selfish. 

The choices/decisions he made was firing Ganchin, keeping his passport, not giving his pay, and dragging him out of the house to go to the airport.


  1. Ethics they follow:
  • Ganchin- Virtue, Deontology, and Global
  • Cindy- Utilitarian, Global, and Virtue
  • Fanku- Utilitarian and Deontology 
  • Master Zong- Ultiltrain


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