Brendan Gonzalez 

Professor Scanlan 

In the short story “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons jaswinder the main character who is a UK immigration officer who depends on her intuition and eyes, Jazz’s main objective is protecting the UK and the people who live there if she lets the wrong person through that could cost. Although Jazz makes her decisions on questions and answers it also could be based off looks gender and race along with other traits.

Rosemary P Carbine article “Religious studies classrooms as counterpublic spaces: a feminist theological and theatrical perspective”, the first paragraph speaks on the terms of race, gender ….. (etc) and class in civil society “U.S. public life fails to realize its egalitarian(believing in the principle that all people are equal) vision of communicative practices in civil society; instead, it operates in exclusionary ways with roots in race, gender, class, ethnic, religious, and other social constructs”, I will go over the connection of Jaswinder as a immigration officer and Rosemary’s article, first ill show Jaswinder in her story and how she dealt with people through the course of the story in different situation and second go over the article I picked and relate the two.