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Whitney Dale – Problem

One recent problem is being very tired and lazy. I have slept for more than eight hours and I am not very motivated to do any work. I try to do my work but I always end up watching movies and YouTube videos, if not I’m focused on my business. But since quarantine began along with this online semester, the problem I’ve been experiencing is getting assignments done on time. Especially helping me with organizing schoolwork. So what I tend to do is use my planner at my work area and checklist all the assignments I need to do during the week. But, it is certainly a struggle trying to keep up with this routine every day. But I do try my best.

Patricia Vitebsky – optional

Since the begging of this pendemic my outlook on the world has changed. I appetite  my family and everything that I have a lot more. I feel blessed to have my parents and everything they provide and help me with. As anybody else I’m missing my friends and how life was before the pandemic. I even miss the train rides to school and the coffee I bought every morning. Online learning has been more difficult that I have anticipated. Keeping up with all of the assignments and keeping contact with my professors has been very complicated. I found myself struggling in my classes due to the zero motivation I had to doing any of my school work at home. This has been a difficult and depressing time for all of us and I cant wait for the day we go back to our regular lives.

Brendan Gonzalez Optional Hw Prompt/ Virtual Coffeehouse

Brendan Gonzalez 

Virtual Coffeehouse 

Optional Prompt- Sports being missed 

With this whole pandemic going on at this time many people have something in common, we’re all missing sports around this time the NBA playoffs are going on, baseball is being played mostly all sports are being played but in this moment nothing is being played sadly. I enjoy sitting down on the couch and watching the NBA playoffs going on with all my friends eating wings but that cant happen this time around or going to Yankee stadium with my cousins and watch them kill teams and I’m more upset because Yankees have an amazing team this year and they’re not playing. I also enjoy playing basketball at the park, running full court games for a couple of hours making my boy feel great getting all that sweat out and waking up a little sore the next day. Hopefully during the summer things can go back to normal so I could enjoy my time the way I usually do playing and watching sports.

Brendan Gonzalez Virtual Coffeehouse April 27th

Brendan Gonzalez 

Virtual Coffeehouse 

April 27th 

One problem that I have been dealing with is deciding what major to pick I started the year with as a business major but I took a marketing class and I did not enjoy it at all so right after that class I switched to a liberal arts major. I don’t really have a idea as to what I would like to do at all and I want to know but this decision is a big one kinda shaping up my future for me. I don’t want to pick a major then my senior year I wake up one day and decide I don’t enjoy it anymore so I need to think long and hard what I want for my future because I don’t want a bachelors degree in liberal arts. 

Virtual Coffeehouse Brendan Gonzalez March 27th

Brendan Gonzalez 

Virtual coffeehouse 

March, 27th 

“Doing school”

“Doing life”

Some of the challenges I’m facing right now in “doing school” are just remembering to do my homework’s and doing them on time, sometimes ill just forget to do it. Its very easy to forget now in days because everything is online and its super easy to just forget with your other classes going on and also not being able to see your professors in person makes it harder because if you have a question you gotta email them and that just takes more time than asking them during class hours and getting a direct answer face to face. Some challenges I’m facing in “Doing life” is the simple things like not being able to just go out and hang out with friends and family whenever I want, I’m outside very often since the nice weather came back we cant even have BBQ’s which my family have very often. Another thing is I forget my mask very often which is super annoying ill leave my house and notice I don’t have a mask and I gotta run right back upstairs to put a mask on. Today’s world is very hard for many people but hopefully it’ll get better with time.   

Virtual Coffeehouse – Optional

As the new semester started things were normal and off to a great start. Just like a few other people stated this new semester was kind of exciting. It was like a fresh start. However, once everything started to happen it started to happen fast. Things started to become confusing and I found myself getting frustrated. As much as I tried to get adjusted I could never really get fully adjusted. Even though there were negative effects there were positives too. I got to spend more time with my family, improve a new skill, and got to be in the comfort of my home more.

(optional post)

Time passed by quickly, one blink of eyes as if we were just in the middle of the semester but we have to face that the semester has come to a closing end. The pandemic strikes the world dangerously and caused many people to suffer the after effect of it. It has brought fear, panic, isolation, and it has taken the life of our peers, friends, family, and loved ones. It has ranged the bell that there is still great unknown danger in the world where we have no open the pandora box of it. As situations settle down, I hope everything would go back to “normal” but with caution toward sanitation and cherish for future life.

Raysi Perez – Optional Post

This semester started off good, I was excited about all my classes and was looking forward to dissecting a sheep’s brain. When I found out that we were going to have classes online, I was excited at first. I didn’t need to wake up extremely early to get ready for school and then take a train for an hour. I also like staying at home and hanging out with my family so I thought that I was going to be fine for this semester. But I was wrong, towards the end of the semester I started being lazy and feel extremely unmotivated to do any of my work. I can’t think correctly and I’m having trouble doing my work and sleeping. All I want to do was stay in my room with the lights off and watch tv but I know that I can’t do that. So I forced my self to do the things that I would normally do. This quarantine has messed me up physically and mentally. I hope that this quarantine ends soon so that I can try to go back to having a healthy mindset and being more active.

This isolation caused a lot of inconvenience to people. Many people lost their jobs as a result. As food prices continue to rise, more and more people cannot afford it. But there is also some good news for us. More than a month ago, many businesses decided to close down as the epidemic increased, which brought inconvenience to people when they bought things. The supermarket near my home is closed, so we can only choose express delivery, but there are requirements for express delivery — we can not buy meat for one/two pound(s) as before, the minimum requirement is 5 pounds or more. Fruits: apples, for example, will not be delivered until you buy a case. And some businesses will also cheat. But last weekend, as the situation got better, some businesses were reopening. It’s getting better at buying food. Masks, gloves and alcohol were not available in many places before, but they are now available in some places. In the end, I believe everything will get better and better. Hope everyone and their family are doing well. Stay safe.

Stepfan Hospedales-Toughest Week Ahead (Optional VC)

This semester was quite a interesting period, one to be remembered. Everything changed in a blink of an eye. Now the final week of the semester is near. I do feel rejoiced that it is ending, but I’m worried about the final exams. I feel like I haven’t prepared myself for it better. I don’t know if it is due to my weird sleep schedule(probably considered normal now) or my laziness, it could be both. Also, with the transition, I feel some of my professors weren’t able to cover all the material which leaves me at a disadvantage for the exams. I guess the good thing is for the final exams, some of my professors are giving me a week to complete it, compare to how it would have been like 1 hour and 40 minutes. I have more time to complete it which gives me room to breathe thankfully.  Ultimately, this week will be tough one, but it is going to feel 100x better when it is all set and done, and everyone chilling somewhere.


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