Sean Scanlan

Reacher Essay

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)


The Ethics In New York Day Women

New York Day Women is short story wrote by Edwidge Danticat´╝îa female American-Haitian novelist. In this short story author descried a daughter from a Haiti immigrant family who work as a while-collar in an advertisement companyÔÇÖs office´╝îaccidently saw her mother´╝îa woman will never shop outside of Brooklyn´╝înow stroll in Manhattan. The curiosity force the daughter to follow her mother´╝îthen find out the hidden side of her mother. In the story the mother did many different choices compare to what she told to his daughter. The reason for change the choice is because mother apply different ethics due to different relationship. In other work´╝îdifferent relation or condition between different person will cause people apply to different ethics and lead to a different choice. In order to support and explain the idea´╝îfirst I will explore the scene where the daughter comparing her mother will not give seat to others in the subway to hit by a car in Haiti´╝îwhich involve the Utilitarian Ethics and Global Ethics. Then I will talk about the Deontology Ethics follow by mother in the scene´╝îwhen she never attend to parent teacher meeting´╝îbecause she doesnÔÇÖt want to make her daughter feel shame. Finally it is the scene of daughter decide to give her seat out on a subway train´╝îbecause the old lady remind the daughter of his mother´╝îso she apply Virtue Ethics to make this choose.