Jennifer Zheng

English 1121

May 10, 2020

In Tony Parsons’ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, the main characters are Jaswinder Smith also known as Jazz, Megan, Donald Harrison, Norm, and the man in black. In this short story, Jazz’s job as an immigration officer of the UK Border Agency is to evaluate travelers and notified if they’re skeptical, forbidden them from entering the United Kingdom. She secures the airport with other fellow agents. With her new partner, who’s a young officer, Norm who been working mostly Customs, she was able to show her growth and superior as the day goes on. The story display Jazz and the other travelers she encounters’ interaction revealing their ethics.

In the CNN Wire’s article, “Seven days at Heathrow: Writer’s extra-long layover,” shares how Tony Parsons elaborates his short stories’ characters when he was Heathrow’s “writer in residence.” In another article from M2 Communications, “UK Border Agency: Internet boyfriend refused entry to the UK,” it talks about global ethics in the United Kingdom. This article also relates to the short story with a similar case where two tourists that Jazz’s encountered. While CNN Wire’s article satisfies readers’ attention with a bit of insight into how his character was developed after observing the airport within the week, M2 Communications focusses on the global markets, and or ethics that makes a better claim. In order to prove this, I will explore how travelers’ Jazz meet involves global ethics and more.