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Carlos: Final Project Idea draft.

For my final project I’d like to create an application that allows parents, teachers, and children to communicate more effectively through the span of the their academic and early life. This application will allow users to interact and communicate through games and video. As well as track and organize activities. This application will encompass everything from minuscule interactions and learning and lesson plans. It should be the go to application parents, teachers, and children.

Group C: Description and Precedents

Application Title: Next Level Fitness

The application will allow its users to track, compete, and socialize with fellow athletes in a new and interactive way. Users will have options to upload their athletic goals, provide instruction and asses their progress. It’s geared towards intermediate and advanced athletic individuals, but provides pathways of instruction so virtually anyone, with a dedicated mind, can integrate. Next Level fitness is the “All In One” application for fitness enthusiasts.

Group Members:

Sammy Cordero, Josue Alberto, and Carlos Viera.

Video – Youtube video sharing site.

Education – Instructables Site for the DYI inclinded.

Fitness – Split MultiSport Activity journal.



Carlos: Deliverable v1

Heart-Code is an application for the individual that wants to know more about the foods that go into their system and how it affects them.  It’s geared towards at risk users; users that may be borderline diabetic or those with high blood pressure. This application monitors the individual and their intake. Allowing them a variety of choices with the latest medical research on foods. Heart-Code will reference the USDA National Nutrient and Open Product databases in order to provide users the ability to seamlessly scan their favorite products and acquire up to the minute information.

PDF: ideationscenariosheet

Carlos: Second Proposal


User: Daily commuters that opt out of public transportation. Recreational riders and cyclist, who often ride expensive bikes.

Context: As NYC inches its way to becoming greener state, cyclist; a majority contributor in reducing gas emissions and decreasing human carbon foot print do not have a safe dedicated area to chain their bikes. Though the city provides bars and stands to chain bikes they do not offer much in security.

Motivation: Often times bikes are stolen and there isn’t much to combat it. Reducing crime has not been able to deter bike thefts. Even the hardest chains can and have been cut.

Solution: Users will use internal gps system to locate nearby bike parking. Parking is provided by a community of commuters or cyclist. For a small fee users will receive the peace of mind and security that their valuable bicycles are nicely tucked away in an area close to their destination. Parking fee is optional. Users will also have the option of using the same gps system to locate the safest place in their immediate proximity. The application will reference crime report and recent statistics, and using nearby precincts as a base.

Outcome: A safer and ultimately greener state. Happy commuters and potential source of income.