Monday, November 16 to Sunday, November 22

Test #2 interviews: schedule here

  • Sign up here if you haven’t yet; email me if none of the available time slots work for you
  • Zoom link here
    • password is the same as the password for class sessions
    • you will be placed in the Zoom waiting room until I am ready to admit you

Class session: Tuesday, November 17 & Thursday, November 19  8:30am

  • Zoom link is available on this page.
  • Zoom recordings and notes will be available from this page.
  • Office hours from 8:00am to 8:30am: use the same link.

Read: by Tuesday, November 17, 8:30am

  • 7.3 Series Solutions Near an Ordinary Point II (course hub lesson here)

Read: by Tuesday, November 19, 8:30am

  • 8.1 Introduction to the Laplace Transform (course hub lesson here)

WeBWorK: due Sunday, November 22 (note extension)

  • 10-SeriesSolutionsRegularPoint
    • this set has only one question, but it’s a long one with multiple parts

Project #3 Part 1 due Sunday, November 15, Part 2 due Sunday, November 22

Coming up:

  • Week 13: Test #3 review due (more details soon)
  • Week 14 (week after Thanksgiving): Test #3 on Chapters 6 & 7 (more details soon!)
  • Week 16: Final exam (details TBA)
  • Week 16: Project #4 final draft due (details TBA!)