Monday, August 24 to Sunday, August 30

Course launch: Thursday, August 27 8:30am

  • Zoom link will be available on this page.
  • Zoom recording available here.

Read: by Tuesday, September 1 8:30am

  • 1.1 Applications Leading to Differential Equations
    • Skim Section 1.1 to get a sense of what differential equations can be used for
    • You do not need to understand any of the equations themselves yet
  • 1.2 First Order Equations
    • Read Section 1.2 carefully so you understand:
      • what a differential equation is, what its order is, ordinary versus partial differential equations
      • what a solution to a differential equation is
      • how to check that a function is a solution of a particular differential equation
    • You aren’t really learning any new mathematical techniques in Section 1.2; you are just learning that material you learned in your Calculus classes can be organized in a different way.
  • 1.3 Direction Fields for First Order Equations
    • Skim Section 1.3 to see what these pictures mean
  • 2.1 Linear First Order Equations
    • Read Section 2.1 so you can understand:
      • what a linear first order differential equation is
      • the difference between homogenous and non-homogenous equations
    • We will discuss examples from Section 2.1 in Tuesday morning’s session so don’t worry if you don’t understand all the steps your first time through.


  • Due Sunday, August 30, 11:59pm
    • Introduce yourself (instructions here)
    • Fill out first-day survey here
    • Comment on 1.1 Applications post here after reading Section 1.1
  • Due Sunday, September 6, 11:59pm
    • LaTeX (instructions TBA)
    • 1.1 and 1.2 (instructions TBA)


  • Make sure you can log in (log in instructions were sent to you via email). For most students:
    • Username: first initial+last name; all lower-case letters (remove any spaces or hyphens)
    • Password: EMPLID
  • As of right now, you won’t see any homework when you log in. They’ll start to appear soon.
  • Your first sets will be due Sunday, September 6, 11:59pm