UFT Field Trip

On November 29th, I went on a class trip to the United Federations of Teachers (UFT) Printing Area. I have never been to a print area before in my life, even though I always print out brochures from my job with just an industrial printer. In this place, they had more than just industrial printers. The machines I saw over there were very cool. I witnessed a stamp machine where the machine stamps on the uft logo on envelopes just so it can be shipped out. I also witness a machine that opens up envelopes and slips in a piece of paper inside the envelope, that saves so much manual labor and time for people where they slip in the paper by hand. And my favorite machine that I saw over there was the machine that prints on t-shirts and clothing. Seeing that up close makes me want to print some of my designs o a T-Shirt and sell them. I really had a great time at the UFT Printshop, and it makes me want to print out a lot of cool things whether its paper, clothing, or objects. And I hope as a future graphic design teacher I get to work with different types of printing.