Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Establishing Our Permanent Workstation For Work On Unity (Part 2)

For today, we continued our efforts on setting up shop for us to continue our work on Unity. Unfortunately, today we arrived at another setback in the form of installation licenses.

Installation of Unity on the Mac computer in Studio Blue seemed to go smoothly once we obtained the necessary Administrator Password that would allow us to install Unity. However, once we tried to install Unity, we ran into the problem of having to manually activate the product key and the content licenses needed for successful installation of the software. When Dwayne and I attempted to install said licenses, we were met with the error message, “incorrect license, please try again”. After about 1 1/2 hours of trying to troubleshoot the problem, we found out for the Studio Blue computers, they would not allow us to update software of any kind until we update the anti-virus software and then connect to the internet via Citytech’s internet protocol software, Bradford Agent. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, although the anti-virus software was updated the software Bradford Agent would not allow us to continue using the internet because of the error message “Failed Test, AgentX not updated”. We kept running into this problem for the remainder of the class. After a while, the process started to feel like a cycle of updating and trying to connect to the internet that would never end.

Our next step is to troubleshoot the AgentX software and try to use Bradford Agent to log onto the internet and try to install Unity once again.

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