Final dance of this semester


Linux: the SWIG method builds without a hitch. To get it working in Blender the only complication requiring your admin password to get into /usr/var. No problems after that

Mac OS X: the unofficial CTypes binding builds and runs just fine, and SWIG builds but doesn’t work. We have yet to get this working in Blender, however an example has been composed demonstrating its functionality by the author of the binding.

Windows: Remained largely untouched because we couldn’t get SWIG from Conda, the package for Windows is on Binstar but .yaml files can’t depend on binstar packages as of this writing. We tried getting it to work with the CTypes binding we found, but found that cmake for Windows is also a Binstar exclusive. Manually installing cmake works, however you then need to build with Visual Studio, which also worked, but getting the file working did not.

Coming up: A thorougher write up of how to Leap Blender!

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