Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Plugin Wars & Continuing Work On Our Game

For today, we consulted and took professor Baker’s advice. One of our main goals for today was to search for plugins that could be used with Unity that would allow us to export Unity native file formats (such as .unitypackage) and export them into a file format that Blender accepts. These include .fbx, .stl, .3ds, .max and .blend (the obvious one). But at the time of this writing, we have not found any plugins for use with Unity that fit our needs.

We have also worked on implementing a ideas we had have with lighting. Thus far, we have been using the lighting to darken the environment around corners of each wall to give off a sense of unease and atmosphere we are creating.

Our next step is to work on movement for enemy characters models and implementing first person view camera control for the player.

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