MTEC Technical Production

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MTEC Technical Production
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Entertainment Technology
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ENT 2220, ENT 3320, ENT 3420, ENT 4421, ENT 4422 Technical Production II, III, IV, V, VI
90 lab hrs, 2 cr
Supervised laboratory in the technical areas of production. Hands-on experience in the planning, construction, rigging and running of productions to learn backstage procedures and operations in a performance situation. Emphasis placed on careful pre-planning, appropriate safety procedures and on follow- up critiques and evaluation of the work done. Assignments will be made on the basis of the ability and the prior achievements of each student, assuring a variety of work experiences. Each succeeding semester will involve a greater degree of production responsibility. Prerequisite; ENT 2120 and for
each succeeding level is successful completion of the prior course


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