Baker, Gabby, Remy, Xuemin

So we are here now trying to build Curveship with a python 2.7 environment. We successfully made our environment, activated it with the command

activate python2-7 /*the name of our environment being python2-7*/

and changed the PATH variables for our system.

However, Conda insists on building Curveship with Python 3.4 and it’s not made for this, nor are we in a 3.4 environment, nor are specifying Python 3.4 anywhere. We’ve tried setting the environment variable for the build process specified here into our .bat and .sh files. No change.

Further down the same page linked above, we found a page with this on it, giving us hope in changing the environment. This almost worked, instead of seeing py34_0 at the beginning of the build process, we see py27_1, and py27_1 appears at the very very end.

So something is still calling for Python 3.4 and we need to figure out what it is and make it stfu.

“set PYTHON=27″ gets us further, now to the point that we’re in the build process. We also threw that into our .bat and .sh files and this took care of it automatically

Woohoo! We figured it out! In our test command we changed directories to where it builds, and then execute the autowalk command.

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  1. By the way, the command is conda build
    So I can reference this without navigating extra pages.

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