Moar Notes!

Gabby, Xuemin, Remy, and a sprinkle of Michael

Firstly, we were introduced to this thing: it’s fun you should try it.

We’re watching this to help us figure out how to make a Conda package. Downloaded VLC for easy viewing (mostly for louder volume because we don’t have speakers so my headphones had to do) so if the internet goes out it’s still viewable. Unfortunately, the only help offered with regards to making your own non-pypi package is “Yeah there are recipes on Github and some work… use them as a base.”

Downloaded Sublime Text 3 for editing code, will attempt to modify and repurpose the code for curveship.

So we’re looking at Django’s recipe as a template for our own. Right now we’re on the meta.yaml file and re-configuring it from Django stuff to Curveship stuff. Ladidadidaaah Ok so we needed an MD5 sum for the meta.yaml file, and since Windows doesn’t come with a checker/generator we snagged WinMD5

We then replaced the URLs, names, and python import files. This almost worked! We’re at a point that it mostly builds! Figured out how to with this thingy and yeah. Maybe we’ll throw in forgotten details when we remember them, for for now this covers it.

(I accidentally the last sentence -Remy)

I don’t feel like dealing with WP’s management for files so here’s a raw copypastehavefunbye!

::”%PYTHON%” install
::if errorlevel 1 exit 1

:: Add more build steps here, if they are necessary.

:: See
:: for a list of environment variables that are set during the build process.


pip install .

# Add more build steps here, if they are necessary.

# See
# for a list of environment variables that are set during the build process.


name: curveship
version: !!str .

fn: nickmontfort-curveship-814de6e.tar
md5: 5215fc15141cd81157910fd50bae7f41
# patches:
# List any patch files here
# – fix.patch

# build:
#preserve_egg_dir: True
# Put any entry points (scripts to be generated automatically) here. The
# syntax is module:function. For example
# – django = django:main
# Would create an entry point called django that calls django.main()
# If this is a new build for the same version, increment the build
# number. If you do not include this key, it defaults to 0.
# number: 1

– python
– pip

– python

# Python imports
– action_model
– can
– clarifier
– command_map
– curveship
– discourse_model
– input_model
– irregular_verb
– item_model
– joker
– microplanner
– preparer
– presenter
– realizer
– recognizer
– reply_planner
– when
– world_model
– __init__
# – fiction/adventure
# – fiction/artmaking
# – fiction/cloak
# – fiction/cplus
# – fiction/lost_one
# – fiction/plaza
# – fiction/robbery
# – fiction/__init__

# You can put test commands to be run here. Use this to test that the
# entry points work.
-python fiction\ –auto walk\adventure_win.txt
# You can also put a file called in the recipe that will be run
# at test time.

# requires:
# Put any additional test requirements here. For example
# – nose

license: DNE
summary: ‘A Pythonmajig for making interactive stories’

# See
# for
# more information about meta.yaml

When we have Github we’ll be more less sloppy about our uploading.

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