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Final dance of this semester

So: Linux: the SWIG method builds without a hitch. To get it working in Blender the only complication requiring your admin password to get libLeap.so into /usr/var. No problems after that Mac OS X: the unofficial CTypes binding builds and runs … Continue reading

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Raaaaaahh leap

Remy, Xuemin Still having trouble getting the SWIG wrapper to work. I went back through the filenames and tried setting them back but that didn’t work so I just put them in near by folders and started over. No further … Continue reading

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Python + Leap sample works!

Remy So I decided to come into class today and get the Leap Motion working with Python. This worked! I said “screw the v1 SDK and lets try v2” because v2 seemed better documented than v1 did. Whether or not … Continue reading

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So we Leap Onward and Upward! lolnope

Baker, Gabby, Ishik, Remy, Xuemin We need a lead.d file of some kind lolso I (Remy) left to oversee another project (networking the capacitative tiles) and everyone on this project was sent into a spin of lulwut. So they talked about … Continue reading

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