Wrestling files

Today we set on to figure out what’s up with Blender. We found the old Jenga .blend file from the previous semester and loaded it, as well as investigating the file organization of last semester’s setup.

The .blend file wouldn’t make use of the leap motion on our current machine, throwing us the “unable to find libLeap.so” error. Big surprise.

However what was really interesting was that –THIS JUST IN: LEAP MOTION IN BLENDER USING WEBSOCKETS: slsi.dfki.de/software-and-resources/hand-tracking-for-3d-editing/–

*ahem* So the machine from last semester doesn’t work and gives us the ebola virus(thank you Gabby) has a different configuration. Leap.py, LeapPython.so, and libLeap.so are all in blender/2.69/python/lib/python3.3, so we don’t need to have any of them in our modules folder. To make it work, I cheated and throw a copy of libLeap.so into the /usr/lib directory. This made it work.

We also downloaded Blender and Conda to the Mac to test our build, but that took forever and we ran out of time.


Oyah did I mention that I know how to use SSH keys with Git now? Woo!


Till Monday.

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