The Case of the Strange File Hierarchy

Blender has an interesting way of handling files.

When we have in /usr/lib, and we have and in ~/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/modules, our script works and spits out data from the Leap Motion.

When we move, and all into ~/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/modules/Leap, it does not work. While we try different combinations of getting things to work, we have several errors complaining about how modules defined in don’t exist or libLeap can’t be found.

Just for fun, we tried running our in a regular bash terminal with the setup described in the second paragraph in this post. The result? Flawless, we get data straight out from the Leap Motion.

So the next mission is to dive into Blender and figure out why it’s so particular. Dive, dive, dive! *submarine alarms play*

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