Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Establishing Our Permanent Workstation For Work On Unity (Part 1)

For today, we collaborated with Wale and professor Baker on the most suitable location for setting up a workstation that will allow us to work on Unity.

We had all come to an agreement that the Mac computer in Studio Blue would be such a suitable location for our workstation.  So, since Wale had the Unity Setup files we were to to try and attempt to install Unity onto the Mac computer in Studio Blue. Unfortunately, due to the fact that nearly all of the computers that belong to the Entertainment department require an Administrator password and students are allowed to know the password for security reasons, we have come to a halt on establishing our workstation.

Our next step is to find another workstation that allows us to install files onto the computer without having the need for an IT administrator password. That freedom for our potential computer will give us the flexibility we need to work further in Unity as well as give us the liberty to install any other files that may become necessary for our project in the future.

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