Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Re-research Unity Licenses

For today, we had to step a back with our project because in the Terms Of Agreement for Unity, not all licenses can be mixed in terms of features, functionality, and content with the Pro version of Unity. However, we have rectified the problem thus far and are now working to collborate with Walle and plan our next move.

Onto lighter news though, since we started with Walle, we have managed to narrow our focus for using Unity to the point where we now know which licenses must be used, although we need to refine a couple of minor details such as which license to use for the remainder of the semester. However, if all goes well on this portion of the project, it is possible that this version of Unity we use can be used for other classes in the Emerging Media Technology program.

Our next step is to figure a permanent workstation for the Unity Team so that we can install the potential license onto that computer and continue to work on using Blender to create our objects and animations and then be able to move those objects and continue our workflow in Unity.

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