Sensor Tiles Project: Unity Team: Frank & Dwayne – Similarities and Differences Between Blender and Unity

For today, we conducted research into how similar in functionality Blender and Unity really are. During the course of these 3 weeks since we have started our research into using Unity, we have always asked ourselves how similar are the two programs and can we really use both programs in tandem to further our progression in this project.

Thus far, we have decided to narrow our focus to utilizing animation, objects and game programming with Python.

We have several videos that helps to address many of our concerns regarding the two programs and our options for using both in as a long term juncture.

Using Blender with Unity:

These series of videos helps to answer our question regarding interface and workflow:

Blender To Unity 3D

This forum also helps to answer some of our nagging questions between both programs:

Yahoo Answers

This blog talk in depth about the differences, similarities and strengths about many of today’s most popular game engines and 3d modeling software, including Blender and Unity.

Which Software To Use In The 3D Modeling World

Our next step is to collaborate with Wale and discuss our options regarding licenses and which ones could be appropriate for our project going forward.

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