After Effects Project

On CUNY TV, I’ve learned the meaning of being versatile. ­Every day I would come into the office with something new to do. There’s always a sense of uncertainty, but it keeps motivated to know that I’ll be learning something new. I can be doing graphics or desk work, or helping producers go on a remote etc.

The most frustrating project I’ve worked on was in After Effects. Before this internship I didn’t have knowledge of After Effects, I didn’t understand how long and how frustrating it can be when you want the project to be perfect. In After Effects, you are dealing with timeframes and keynotes; it can be time-consuming, but once the project is done it feels great. The project was for a promo video for a show called Asian American Life. It consists of shuffling stripes. So, you have to create a mask layer in front of the video and then play around with the keyframes to have a smoother flow. Although I struggled at first I was happy with the result for my first project in After Effects.