Visual Quote

The quote I chose is “Every Picture has a Story to Tell” by Rob Stewart.I was interested in this quote because of the subject: photography. A single photo can start a conversation, a feeling, or spark a memory, which is why photography has become a main interest in my life.


When I began sketching ideas, symbols that represent photography came to mind: frames, camera, focus, family, portraits, viewfinder etc. Also, I thought about how I would convey either a message, a feeling or an idea within my designs.

Composition #1:


Composition #1 PDF

In the first composition, I wanted to create a vintage look by using the colors black and grey. I used the red color to convey the message of family and unity. In my composition i wanted the focus to be the story told of a family, the perpendicular lines allowed to create that focus. By using the text on a path in InDesign I was able to repeat the quote. I used the font black chancery for the angles because its reminds me of the font used in fairytale books and contrast well with the story being told in the middle.

Composition #2:

Composition #2 PDF

In the second composition, the color palette stood the same because of the vintage look. The gray background doesn’t intervene with the red lettering. The inspiration behind the design was the idea of darkroom printing. In a darkroom, after a long process, the images printed are hanged, the font BlackCasper helped enhance that feeling by creating a square around the letters. In this design the goal was to highlight the process of taking an image and then printing them.

Composition #3

Composition #3a PDF

Composition #3b

Last but not least, for my last composition I incorporated two of my own images that reflect back on the quote “Every Picture has a Story to Tell,” I’ll be happy to tell you the story behind it. I chose the font bebas neue because of it’s clarity and it didn’t intervene with the images. For image 3a the focus isn’t the background but instead the bridge through the cellphone. For image 3b the focus is the freedom tower in the back instead of the person in front, that on it’s on it’s a story.