App Reviews

One of the apps that interest me relating to photography is ProCam. Procam is an app that allows you to have all the settings that a DSLR has. This app has many useful features. For example, you can control f/stop, shutter speed, and ISO. You can also adjust white balance, you can shoot raw which later will help with editing. The app is awesome for students who are interested in photography but do not want to buy an expensive camera. This app is user-friendly making for a great experience.

The second app is Adobe Capture, it is an excellent choice for sparking creativity and inspiring visual design. With a single image, you can build your stock templates, you can create shapes, grab an interesting font, do a color palette, create pattern even create digital brushes.  The interface us friendly, it won’t take long to figure out and do something cool. How does it work? Well for color and looks, you simply capture an image and the app select on-screen dots to extract color value information. For shapes and brushes the app capture textures, outlines. And converts them to vector graphics. It is the best app for designers to create a design inspired by our everyday objects.