Reflection #5

Last Week Class

Stefan Sagmeister said “it is very important to embrace failure and to do a lot of stuff — as much stuff as possible — with as little fear as possible,” this is true in a design field. We have to embrace the reality of not being perfect that our work will receive rejections. Embracing failure is part of every  person’s life, only through failure do we learn how to make better decisions.

The importance being Sagmeister’s quote is because we watched a TED Talk where he takes the audience on a journey through moments of his life that made him happy. Some if not all of those happy moments are close related to design. Beside learning about this happy moments we also learn about his traveling experience. In fact, one important theme in his speech is to travel. Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures and you get to experience new adventures and expanding your network. Traveling helps you enhance your work with all the flavors of the world. The next topic was difference between Graphic Design Firms and Advertising Agencies.

Graphic Design Firms look at your portfolio and higher you based on the skills you have. In this firms you are involve in more projects, the more versatile that you are the more you’ll be involve in new projects. Graphic Design Firms create a product and create the components of that product; how the packaging will look, the specs of the product, and also designing the products publication: cups t-shirts or events. The overall goal is to establish a brand and the create visual communication materials for clients.

Advertising Agencies are higher by the big companies to create a campaign. That campaign consist of a concept that they have to work with. Once you get that job it becomes an account and they are given a budget. Working at advertising agencies can be stressful because you may work consecutive days but won’t get more money. Although, at the end of year you can get a bonus. Projects can get less exciting because its less expressive, you either have one of three goals: to inform, persuade or remind consumers of your brand or product. An example of this is creating a catchy slogan or even a jingle that will help then audience to be reminded of that brand.

The topics of last weeks class were crucial to us because we have to learn to deal with failure. Failure doesn’t have to necessarily mean surrender, it should push you to want to create/design something better. Failure its also understanding that your work won’t appeal to everyone.  We learned to distinguish the difference between Graphic Design Firms and Advertising agency,  its all about the experience. Perhaps, all you want to do is freelancing, but never hurts to try working with the firm to expand your network of people in the business. This class is a small beginning to great things to come.