Paula Scher

Paula Scher is one of the most popular contemporary American graphic designers. She has challenged the regiments of design. Scher has worked on creating designs that push the limits for the design fundamentals. Her work has inspired a new designer and has put her to the top as one of the best designers. Paula Scher developed a typographic solution based on Art Deco and Russian constructivism.  She’s also famously known from working at Pentagram. They named the studio after the Greek Penta, meaning “five” and gramma, meaning “a letter.”  The Pentagram is filled with 23 partners all devoted to their work with passion, intelligence and devoted above all to personal commitment and building strong relationships.

Paula Scher’s TED Talk talked about great design is serious, not solemn. Besides showing her amazing work, her message was to not let any specific style of work to tie you down. Scher talked about keep making mistakes, it’ll help you grow as a designer. In her talk, she’s discussed the career staircase starting from the ’20s to ’60s. She said that serious design is imperfect, it’s filled with kind of craft laws that come from something being the first of its kind. Serious design is also often quite unsuccessful from the solemn point of view.  The final point is to allow yourself to make the mistakes now and allow your work to be serious, to be able to grow.