Guest Speaker at CityTech

Nelson Mandela said, “it always seems impossible until it’s done,” this quote reflects back to designers, completing a project can be such a satisfying feeling because its finally done. The process can be stressful, especially when ideas take time to come, but it all takes a little inspiration. We had a guest speaker, Maryam Zafar. Zafar is a creative direct: digital strategy, branding and user experience for McCann. Her presentation touched various points that are relatable to our day to day routines. Something that stood out was when she suggested to always as questions. This is something that everyone needs to do, to ask questions and to also take initiative and act like a sponge when it comes to knowledge. Another important lesson is having work experiences; each and every work experience may not be the best but it’s worth adding a project to your resume. Like Zafar said, “make best of what you got,” do the job while you find something better. She also mentioned that is to always keep the door open between connections and connections can be made anywhere. Keeping the door open between connections can lead to a job in the future. Her advise greatly reflects being part of CUNY TV because it’s a door that I want to keep open, not only for me but for future City Tech students interested in production and design.