Ligature Banner

In this project, I created a ligature out of my initials, to represent my brand as a designer. 

idea#1: Overlay Ligature


I chose the overlay ligature because the overlay change in color made it clear that it was the same initial twice. Some challenges of the overlay design is choosing the right color and making sure the letters align perfectly. The design didn’t work for me because it seemed to simple of a design.

idea#2: Almost-identical Strokes Ligature

I chose the almost-identical stroke ligature because I wanted to combine two initials with one stroke. Some challenges abut this design were picking a font that worked well together and make it easy for the audience two distinguish the two letters. This design did work for me because the joint letters fit perfectly together and it is distinguish enough to understand the “M” and “J”.

idea#3: Shared Stroke Ligature

I chose the shared stroke ligature because I wanted my two initials to be combine together. I chose to have one capital and one lower case to make it easier for the audience that my name contains two “Ms”. The first challenge with this design was how to make it simple for the view to see two Ms. Another challenge was the placing of the initials inside the square. I tried a variety of positions: both initials inside, one initial inside while the other bleeding out, both initials upper case or lower case, finally was worked best was upper case and one lower case. Although this design isn’t my favorite, the shared stroke ligature worked creating a range of shape and reflecting on the positive and negative space.

Final Ligature 

The shared-stroke ligature worked best for my design because it allowed me to unify the initials while keeping their distinguish form. I chose a san serif font to create an elegant, clear and legible design. My inspiration came from the Adobe Creative Suite, some of the elements I wanted to incorporate were the geometric shape and the border, also the different shade of color used in the letters and outside border. My design reflects back on the importance of legibility and balance with negative and positive space.