Joel Pilger Networking

I attended the networking event at city tech with Joel Pilger, he spoke about the business of design. This workshop was for people who dreamt of launching their creative business, designers wondering if they have what it takes to have a creative business or if the idea of starting creative studio. Pilger’s discussed the myths and the truth of the business. Some of the myths he mentioned was “find a need in the market then go fill it” or “just focus on doing the great work and the rest will take care of itself.”  The examples he gave out are truly a myth because you need more than just a market or great work, you need passion, you need variety of work and specially connects. Something that stood out was his statement that “if you appeal to everyone you appeal to no one,” which is why it’s important to have your own style as well as to know a variety of designs. There are two things I learned from the networking event. The first is the 7 ingredients of a creative firm that will help you with the workload, with creative opportunities and what’s needed to run the business. The second is traits that will help you be better at having your own creative firm: be a genius, have a personality, strong attitude, have a risk tolerance and have a community and supportive family. Like Joel Pilger said, do what you love, be specific “narrow” and have confidence when being pushed to the limit.