Webinar: Apple Special Event from the Brooklyn Academy of Music

I was able to watch the live webinar of Apple from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The webinar was an informative one, discussing all the new products that apple will launch as well as discussing the products new features. The products that are launching is the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini. Each speaker had some characteristics that made the content clear and their presentation very effective; they were confident, they were able to connect with the crowd, they showed passion and as well as providing the necessary information. Each time a new product was introduced there was a new speaker, one that was the most confident about the information. The power point wasn’t cluttered with all information provided, on screen it was one simple word relating to an objective of the product. What I learned is that the products listed above are now 100% recycle aluminum, branding them as the greenness Mac ever. I also learned about their sessions, Today at Apple, that inspired people to explore different creative lesson involving the Mac products: photography, music, video, art & design, coding& apps, and health & fitness.