Reflection 1

Paul Scher said “it’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” Topics in graphic design will teach me about the bad I’m doing now in order to get good. I’m excited to explore different topics and have answers to many questions that I’ve thought about before. I’m interested on learning about different design firms, work on my portfolio and the right from wrong when going to an interview. Based on Wednesday’s discussion, I learned about what must you bring to an interview, the importance of changing or keeping a brand’s identity and some challenges that designers go through.

After applying to a designing firm or for an internship, it is crucial to bring a couple things to the interview. The interview can be the most challenging part because first impressions are everything and the nerves can get the best of you. Somethings to not forget is having a firm handshake, a smile, your resume and portfolio. Your portfolio can be a variety of designs styles, but try to pick designs that are directly relatable to the site you’re interviewing for. At the interview is essential that you’re able to sell yourself and speak of the qualities that make you better than other designers they’ll interview. So remember know your work, talk about specific characteristic that make your work different and be enthusiastic. Those characteristics of your work essentially become your brand identity.

Brand identity is the face of your business, it represents your company values, services, ideas and personality. Some examples of brand identities is Google, Subway, Nike, Dunkin’ Donuts etc. Sometimes brands change their identity to target an audience and to always be up to date with new generations. A few things to remember when creating a brand is to have a clear brand purpose, to have a likable brand personality, to create a memorable logo, be strategic with the color palette and a legible typography. There is able room for redesign and re-evaluating, but starting off with a clear, confident brand and a unified brand identity will provide a strong concept for your brand. Nevertheless, there will be challenges you’ll go through as a designer.

As a designer the workload never stops, and idea can pop while on your way to work, home or even while singing in the shower. Always keep a sketch book next to you so you can doodle any idea down. Some challenges designer go through are how to keep motivated, responding or accepting to criticism, keeping up with deadlines and handling proper communication with clients. Motivation is key, especially if you’re freelancing; you have to network, set your pay rate, handle multiple jobs at once, so keeping motivate is essential ]. Another challenge is being able to accept constructive criticism. Remember things aren’t personal, criticism will only help your grow. Deadlines are crucial, not meeting a deadline is equivalent to not having a job. Something I’ve always struggle with, is having proper communication with a client. The challenge for me is finding balance between what I want to do and what they are looking for.

During the first class, I learned about what must you bring to an interview, the importance of a brand’s identity and some challenges that designer go through. At the interview don’t sell yourself short, be enthusiastic and explain how your designs can contribute to the growth of the company. Having your own style is important to your own brand identity, you want to be recognize by anyone. Life is a challenge on its own, however it is important to stay motivated, be open to constructive criticism, keep up with deadlines and keep up with communication with clients. I look forward to the new things I will learn this semester in Topics of Graphic Design.