Reflection 2

About Last Week

The class started with a video from TED Talk, the moral of the video was clarity versus mystery. The speaker gave different examples of when clarity or mystery work better. Clarity in the design consist of the concept being straight to the point, unlike mystery its more complicated to decode. The speaker gave an example for non-useful mystery is the NYC subway posters. Useful information was Diet Coke logo typography on the can. The video was helpful into understanding clarity and mystery and when one works better than the other.

Another helpful information was the setup for the project Who am I as a Designer? Design can be difficult when coming up with a concept or design that works well with your work, but have a clear explanation goes a long way. What helped shaped my project even more was the different examples of what’s your strong suit: imagination, concept, design principles, typography and distinguishing between brand agencies and advertising agencies. The explanation helped me shape and organize my thoughts and have a clear idea on the format of the project.

Lastly, we focused on the levels on a designer. The different levels go as follow intern, entry level designer, designer, sr. Designer, art director, design director and creative director. From discussing the different levels we learned that although you might have a title the job can intertwine with the different level of designers. Based on the levels and its job responsibilities I wouldn’t mine staying