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Painting with Light

This picture was taken in a few ways. First, the camera set a timer and the flash on. Second, I stay still. Third, my group members will bring devices with different color paper and have their flashlight wrap around the … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed and Capturing

This picture was set on a timer. I like it a lot. It looks like I’m about to start running. It looks blurry but it gets people attention when it comes to shutter speed. When I am looking at this … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting For Mood

In the picture, it shows a dark background while there is some light hitting half of my face and the other side of my face shows a little detail. This is the type of picture that is suppose to be … Continue reading

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Lighting Portrait

This picture was taken using two different sources of light which were a box with different color background and a light meter. We had the flash set up when setting the aperture and ISO from the light meter in order to … Continue reading

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Flower Lighting

The picture shows a great lighting. This taken was taken from somewhere between a lower and middle angle. We use the lighting meter to point it at the angle where the picture should be taken. I think we either change … Continue reading

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Aperture Foundation Gallery

During my recent trip our class was walking on the high line in West 23rd street in manhattan and I have visited the Aperture Foundation Gallery in West 27th street. The Aperture Foundation was a small museum and has photography … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

This picture was an excellent example of frame on a frame. The color of the letters in the picture was very bright because of the sunlight. When standing near the picture at a weather like this, it feels so good … Continue reading

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Favorite Picture

I believe this picture was taken at a higher angle. The picture was taken in a raw format instead of jpeg. I changed the ISO in the camera. The camera quality is good because it had some good camera quality … Continue reading

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Photo Description of The Empire State Building. This photograph is called “Empire State Building, Study 2, New York City, USA, 2006” which was taken by the photographer Michael Kenna in 2006. The Empire State Building is a Skyscraper located in New York, NY in Manhattan, which … Continue reading

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The greatest picture

Lighting of the photo and depending on the place where a person takes a photo are the two things that makes a great photograph. You want to get a good sense of lighting when you are taking a picture. I would … Continue reading

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