HW 1 – Photo Description

Michael Kenna – Central Park Reservoir, New York City, USA, 1998


It’s a black and white photograph where we can see the JKO (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) reservoir. Also, in the background, we can see the Apartments Corporation buildings. This photo; taken in Central Park, NY on 1998. The intention of the photographer was to use the fences from the park as the focal point. The purpose of the image is to show the Apartments Corporation buildings as the main point in the photograph. Also, the photographer wanted to show the importance of the Apartments Corporation buildings by using the fences as his focal point. The mood or feeling of the photograph is historical, relaxing.


In this picture, we can find some of the formal elements from Steve McCurry; such as Rule of Thirds, Frame within a frame, and Symmetry. The way the photographer Michael Kenna used Rule of Thirds as one of the elements, was by using the Apartments Corporation buildings as the center of the image. Furthermore, he used Frame within a frame as a principle; the way he used it, was by using the fences from the park, as a frame. Last but not least, the photographer used Symmetry as an element by using the two parallel Apartments Corporation buildings. Those two buildings create an invisible vertical line. Finally, these formal elements help to create the mood or feeling of the photograph because the combination of Rule of Third and Frame within a frame makes the photo more historical and relaxing. The Apartments Corporation buildings at the center of the picture, make the Rule of Third and the diamond shape of the fences, creates the Frame within a frame. Using Symmetry also help because, the invisible line between the Apartments Corporation buildings, make the view calm.



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  1. rmichals says:

    This is a lovely photo of the El Dorado apartments as seen from inside Central Park. It is a great example of using a frame within a frame. It is also a good example of symmetry which creates a feeling of calm and order. It is not however a good example of the Rule of Thirds. Generally, an image is symmetrical but does not use the Rule of Thirds or is not symmetrical and might use the rule of thirds. Rare to use the rule of thirds and be symmetrical. According to the Rule of thirds the main subject is not put in the middle but off to the side.

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