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LL6 – Portrait Lighting for mood

This is one of my favorite photograph were we can see that two different lights were used to create this mysterious mood and also a reflector was used. One of those light was back light; you can see the reflection … Continue reading

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LL5 – Portrait Lighting

This photograph of me is one of my favorite. By using a softbox, a light on on the back, and a white background, we could achieved this cinematic photo. As we can see, the light on the back was very … Continue reading

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LL4 – Lightning Direction

By usingĀ a white background, soft-box, and placing the object (flower) 10 feet away from the background, I was able to photograph this beauty. I placed the flower almost 10 feet away from the background to prevent, interrupting shadows from the … Continue reading

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HW – Alex Webb Exhibit Review

Aperture Foundation Alex Webb Exhibit Review Alex Webb is a photographer who was born in San Francisco, CA in 1952. His exhibition took place at the Aperture Foundation in Manhattan on West 27th St, New York. The exhibit was wonderful … Continue reading

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LL3 – Composition-Pattern, Angle and the Rule of Thirds

This is an excellent and attractive photograph where we can see a perfect example of “Frame within a frame”. Also the light and bright yellow of the shape, make the subject more alive. Moreover, the bright yellow and the “O” … Continue reading

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LL2 – Composition & Camera Angle

This is aĀ greatĀ deep space photograph where you can seeĀ parts of the room.Ā It was shotĀ at a eye-level angleĀ and centering the chairĀ in the frame.Ā Moreover, the chair was placed in front of a black board to make the chairĀ stand out more; we can … Continue reading

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HW – Exhibit Review

“9 Photo Composition Tips, As Seen in Photographs by Steve McCarry” The nine photo composition of Steve McCarry, help me a lot as a beginner. Furthermore, this is a video that you as a photographer can use for future reference. … Continue reading

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HW 1 – Photo Description

Michael Kenna – Central Park Reservoir, New York City, USA, 1998 Description:Ā  It’s a black and white photograph where we can see the JKO (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) reservoir. Also, in the background, we can see the Apartments Corporation buildings. This … Continue reading

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LL1 – What makes a great photograph?

What makes a great photograph? I think that what makes a great photograph is the location, lighting, focus, angle, moment, and emotion. The moment can be the key of a photo. Another element that helps us describe a person or … Continue reading

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