This is a photograph of the Voice Tunnel in New York City. This photo is taken by Matthew Pillsbury in 2013. It is a black and white photo and the subject of the photo seems to be a woman who is standing in the center. Arguably, the subject can also be the end of the tunnel since that it is a bright light, also in the center of the photo. In the tunnel, there are people along both sides who seem to be engaged in activity. However, the woman in the center doesn’t seem to be doing anything but just standing and giving her attention to the light source. Looking at this picture, there seems to be a connection between the woman and the tunnel. She seems very focused towards the end and not involved with what everyone else is doing. I think the intent of this photo is to emphasize focus. People are goal oriented and it takes a process for them to reach that goal. This photo can be representation of that. The end of the tunnel is what represents that specific goal and the woman can represent the person trying to attain it. Everything that is going on between the end and the woman can represent the process that one has to go through. Some people may  represent certain points of the process such as obstacles. Once you are focused and driven enough, you will eventually reach your goal.
Some elements as discussed by Steve McCurry that are shown in this photo is patterns, leading lines and symmetry. The patterns that are shown are the curved lights at the top of the tunnel. These lines descend towards the end of the tunnel and brings attention to the end. The leading lines are the white lines that are drawn on the ground of the tunnel. They naturally lead the viewer’s eyes to the end of the tunnel. This can also serve as diagonals. Symmetry is shown through the woman and the lights along the center of the roof of the tunnel. Even though there isn’t one line that splits the photo equally, the straight stance of the woman and the lights connect to create a vertical division.
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  1. rmichals says:

    I think the subject of the photograph is the place itself which was a tunnel under Park Avenue that was opened as an art installation a few years ago. I don’t think that the photographer was trying to create a metaphor. I would guess that the woman adds scale and immediacy to the image having seen other photos of the empty space.

    Your description of the photo’s use of pattern, leading lines and summitry is good.

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