What Makes a Great Photograph?

To me there are different things that make up a great photo. Those things are emotion, the pose, the lighting, the color, and the view-point. Emotion to me is one of the biggest things that makes a photo great because emotion allows people to have a deeper connection to the photo and relate. The pose and the lighting contribute into making a great photo because the way someone poses and the way the light hits the person can make the photo evolve into something beautiful and amazing. Color works with emotion so if you take a photo and you’re trying to portray a certain emotion but you have the wrong color that can throw a picture off. Lastly the view-point also contributes a lot to a photo because for example looking at an ant’s eye view can portray that you’re looking up to someone of power or looking at someone or something at a bird’s eye view could mean that you’re looking at someone who just hit rock bottom.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Do we relate to the image? That connection is so important to communication. and Camera angle as you describe has a big impact on this. We are going to look more closely at camera angle in this Thursday’s class.

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