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Shutter Speed and Capturing Motion

I believe this photo captures motion beautifully. As I was running my classmate took the shot as the photo shows me in motion and a student behind me being still. Another reason why I really like this photo is because … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting: Mood

I find this picture to have a good sense of seriousness to it. The key light was used well to show the expression of my face. Along with the shadows that helps bring the emotion in the photo which brings … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

I like this portrait lighting photo the best. It captures my for different reasons. One of those reasons is the placement of the subject, this half photo shot adds more interest to the photo. Another reason is the front lighting. … Continue reading

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Flower Lighting

I found this beautiful pic very interesting. The angle that the flower is positioned in with the dark background and the light hitting the subject not to hard but just right makes this pic interesting to the eyes. This picture … Continue reading

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Aperture Foundation Exhibit- Alex Webb

I got to visit the Aperture Foundation exhibit where it displayed Alex Webb’s photos from Mexico. The exhibit was open spaced, very roomy, enough space for you to walk around with multiple people to explore the pictures that are up … Continue reading

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Composition and Camera Angle: Deep Space

I believe this picture that was taken by one of my partners is both strong and interesting visually. The camera angle in this photo is at eye-level. I believe this photo is visually interesting and strong because of the background. … Continue reading

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Michael Kenna photo description by Trevor Probherbs

This photo was taken by a photographer named Michael Kenna. I couldn’t find the name that was given to this specific photo. This photo has obviously been taken outdoors. It is near mountains and has a lot of nature around … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Photograph?

To me there are different things that make up a great photo. Those things are emotion, the pose, the lighting, the color, and the view-point. Emotion to me is one of the biggest things that makes a photo great because … Continue reading

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