Michael Kenna photo description by Trevor Probherbs

Digital Photography assignment

This photo was taken by a photographer named Michael Kenna. I couldn’t find the name that was given to this specific photo. This photo has obviously been taken outdoors. It is near mountains and has a lot of nature around it. In this photo there is mountains in the background and the most prominent thing in this photo is the multiple tall trees without any leaves on their branches. Also there is grass in front of the trees and behind and beside the grass in front of the trees is a walkway. I believe the subject matter of taking this photo was to capture a still moment of nature and to show that repetition has been used. I  also believe that Michael Kenna took out the color from the photo to make the photo more powerful. I believe he was trying to set the mood of this photo to a calm feeling and somewhat mysterious giving you a little curiosity of what’s beyond the stuff that was taken in the photo. I think he set this mood by the point of view this photo has been taken and also the fact that he kept the photo black and white instead of keeping it with color.

The three elements that I find important in this photo are patterns and repetition, leading lines, and symmetry. In the photo the trees show pattern and repetition because they’re all the same type of tree and height and they all standing next to each other with no leaves on their branches. This photo shows leading lines because there is one leading line along the trees and another one along the walkway leading into one vanishing point. Lastly this photo shows symmetry due to the way how the trees are lined up next to each other. These elements help set the mood or feeling of the photograph because the leading lines makes you become a little curious as of wanting to know what’s beyond the vanishing point, the repetition also makes you wonder how long the repetition is going to go on for, and the symmetry is just pleasing to see and helps set the mood for staying calm.

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  1. rmichals says:

    This is a beautiful photo. Now that you have seen some of Kenna’s photographs in class you know he always works in black and white.

    You describe the patterns, repetition and leading lines in the photo well. It however is not really a good example of symmetry. when a photo is symmetrical you can fold it in half and the two halves are equal. that is not the case here.

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