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ENG 1101 CO LC44

December 1, 2021

Dear Members of the American Culinary Federation Student Club of City Tech: 

I.  Introduction

I am writing to you as a former cook and restaurant employee who was laid off due to the pandemic, like many others working in the restaurnat industry.  For my research project,  I [better word so not repetitive researched] innovations in the industry that came out of the pandemic.  But I have also personally seen the negative impact on the people of the industry:  the workers.  My purpose in this letter is to inform you as new generation in the culinary arts field that even with the passion you carry into the field,  it is an unpredictable work environment and the reality of the work place should make you think about developing secondary skills.


MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE — inform you that it is unlikely TOO NEGATIVE that you will find personal fulfillment in the restaurant industry. , it gave me time to reflect on my dissatisfaction with the industry, allowing me to consider other professions that are more rewarding.

MOVE TO THE ENDING PART — Conclusion??? Based on my personal experience and research, I recommend that you explore the pros and cons of the industry before you fully invest your time and energy in such a career choice.I do not want any of you to experience the mistreatment, anxiety, and inconsistent wages that I have.



I.  Restaurant Industry innovations and survival strategies.  It sounds exciting…

IN my research I have seen that the restaurant has innnovated becasue of the pandemic and as a result the restaurant industry is surviving.  

Here in this part CAN you refer to some of the exciting innovations in the industry?   Sort start with Postivie.

II. Next can you point out some of the negative “fallout” because of the pandemic in the restaurant world?  THE PEOPLE — Mainly the restuarant workers.  After the pandemic, Do workers want to come back?

  • betrayal
  • layoffs leading to unemployment
  • already low wages before the pandemic and now that they are asked to come back — even lower wages….feeling of exploitation.
  1.  Personal Account of my disappointment working in the industry.  
  • Mistreatment of workers
  • Verbal abuse 
  • Discrimination
  • False promises
  • Wage inconsistency
  1. Workers being underpaid, overburdened, and having little room for growth.

 -Toxic work environment due to the effects of covid

 – Shortage of staff

 – Too much pressure with insufficient pay  

SAFETY concerns of restaurnat workers — not sure if this is in the articles you are reading now.

1 thought on “Outline Letter”

  1. Wait a minute — This does not seem to have any connection to your research! How are you creating this message out of your newly learned knowledge about ways the restaurant industry has innovated and survived? Remember that was what your research project was in Unit 2 RAB. SO how do you connect and come to this new message? How does this advice you give to young ppl come out of your research that shows ways restaurants are innovating and surviving which sounded positive? CAN YOU MAKE / EXPLAIN THAT CONNECTION?

    If restaurants are adapting and surviving as your research shows, why do you advise young ppl looking to join restaurant world to think twice, to perhaps even go in a different direction? THINK AND MAKE THAT CONNECTION CLEAR. You must have a reason you are giving this message — even though your research found out positive things restaurants are doing to stay afloat.

    Your Project Unit 3 cannot be a stand alone new thing that has no relation to your Unit 2 RAB project. Remember YOUR LETTER’s MESSAGE COMES OUT OF YOUR RESEARCH.

    Pls read in the Unit 3 Assignment this part: Your message will be informed by what comes out of your new-found knowledge from doing the research BUT it will be your own original message. Your message will be your own new thinking that has grown out of your research.

    And I copy here from Annoncements on my instructions for this HW task: Your Message: Give a 2-sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience. This should come out of your Unit 2 Research but should not be a summary of your research. Remember you already did that in Unit 2. Connect your message to your research. Explain HOW YOUR MESSAGE COMES OUT OF YOUR RESEARCH.

    ALSO find a better audience. Use the information we got from Ngozi today. Here is the link to Presence: https://citytech-cuny.presence.io/organizations

    Your proposed outline also does not use your RAB research — that’s a problem.

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