Podcast Analysis-Farhana

The podcast captures the attention of the audience by showing how high school is a very scary time for kinds like us. People with this disorder have trouble talking to people .Metting new People, and attending social gathering.This is a strong and relatable pod cast. There are a bunch of students suffering from anxiety and nobody is noticing.But just be yourself and dont let anyone get in your way. Ignore the mean comments and be your best self and enjoy high school. Vsaualization is another powerful technique that can help you unwind and relieve stress.just have a positive mindset when it comes to achieving your dreams and most importantly live life to the fullest.This is such a powerful podcast. As a current high schooler, I always see students who struggle with anxiety and honestly in most situations people do not notice. I hope that many more people hear this so that they can realize the facts and stress of going to high school.A way to resolve this is by not worrying about your body but instead of your study, that can sometimes cause anxiety, so then you don’t feel that depressed.Many aspects of modern life cloud also be to blame.

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