Draft of Letter-Gary


ENG 1101 CO LC44

Final Letter Assignment Unit 3

December 4, 2021

Dear Members of the American Culinary Federation Student Club of City Tech: 

I.  Introduction

    I am writing to you as a former cook and restaurant employee who was laid off due to the pandemic, like many others working in the restaurant industry.  For my research project, I investigated  innovations in the industry that came out of the pandemic. But I have also personally seen the negative impact on the people of the industry as many of my friends lost their jobs after all the hard work we put in and loyalty into an inconsistent unpredictable occupation. My purpose in this letter is to inform you as a new generation in the culinary arts field that even with the passion you carry into the field,  it is an unforeseeable work environment and the reality of the workplace should make you think about developing secondary skills. Working in the Industry can be rough, it can make you or break you and even people that do well in the industry tend to leave and pursue a new career in which they can have a flexible or reasonable schedule. 

       In my research hundreds of thousands of  restaurants closed down and were unable to re-open due to covid as a result of this all of their loyal hard working employees were laid off at a time where they needed their jobs the most. My audience goes out to former cooks, present cooks and future cooks who are interested in the impact and aftermath of the pandemic. During my investigation of how Covid-19 affected the Restaurant Industry I learned that different types of restaurants innovated in order to survive and adapt to new trends. While the fast food industry was already thriving after everything re-opened, restaurants who typically practiced a traditional approach were forced to make changes and go against their desired concept. Fine dining and family restaurants adopted the new trends such as curbside pick-up, delivery services, and taking outside dining to a new level. Restaurants went as far as building cabins on the sidewalks of their restaurants with heaters and air conditioning for the comfort of their customers. The success that has come from the new trends has restaurants seeing a larger customer base and new promotions that place at or above post Covid-19.

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