Draft for Letter-Jaden

Jaden Harrison

Draft for letter

ENG 1101 CO LC44

Dec 5, 2021

To The National Travel and Tourism Office

Dear Tourism Office & fellow travelers

As someone who likes to travel I feel it important to know where your going and what problem you might run into on the way there. We should all do our part so we can all keep each other and ourselves safe, and I know there are those people out there who don’t believe in the virus. Or think isn’t real covid and we’ll go through their day-to-day life as if a pandemic isn’t happening. Will travel all across the world without a care of Contracting this virus. However I care about me and my family safety and I wanna know what your doing to ensure that.

Why Do You Get Sick After Flying? 2019 | Airfarewatchdog Blog

First thing we should talk about is if it worth the risk to travel. Now traveling is fun, that why we do it. Leaving the house and hopping on a plane to go across the world and explore and learn something sounds amazing. Traveling to a new country and live in a new environment and experience new cultures. As great as it sounds your health is way more important. Traveling is great but the last thing you would want is to contract a deadly disease while your away from home, However this can all be avoided just by staying home.

But for those people travel because of there job and have no choice but to travel take as many precautions as you can. And as for the Tourism Office I would like to know if you rather people during the pandemic because of business or would you in courage people who don’t have to travel shouldn’t travel.

1 thought on “Draft for Letter-Jaden”

  1. Way too short — 750 word minimum

    Many writing errors.

    Need to address a REAL organization or group — choose an on campus OR if you choose another organization or group (you must prove to me that this is a group that really exists).

    Did you read the assignment and the How to Write A Letter document?

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