Draft of Letter– Dylan Ramirez

Dylan Ramirez

3 December, 2021

Professor Wu



           Are you willing to risk it?


Dear American families that plan on traveling,

I am a fellow American that loves to travel whether it be with family or friends. This past summer I flew out to Puerto Rico with my family and let me tell you the experience was not enjoyable. As many know there are regulations that have to be followed while traveling such as maintaining space between people and that you must constantly have to keep your mask covering your face. You must also be vaccinated to travel internationally to and from America. 

My experience traveling was not the best. I was very irritated and annoyed while waiting to board the plane . The process for boarding the airplane was very awkward and at many times irritating.  I had to repeatedly show my id and my face at every checking stop in order to be let through. Then when it came to getting on board it was cramped and everyone was on top of each other. My family and I complied with all of these requirements with ease. On the flight you were very practically on top of the person sitting next to you which was very uncomfortable. Even though the flight attendants stated that they had filtered the air within the plane I still felt unsafe. You were also allowed to take off your mask when eating or drinking something but to me that only meant that nobody was 100 percent masked the entire time onboard the plane. I was very paranoid while on the flight. Another concern of mine was that the vaccine only protects you, so what if someone had caught covid after taking the vaccine and was not showing any symptoms but they had it. I personally do not recommend traveling because it is very uncomfortable and there is no guarantee that you can not catch the virus. The flight back my fears were doubled because in PR you were not really tested like that and there is no mandatory rule to wear the mask. Overall the experience had me very paranoid and very uncomfortable.

The virus that I am referring to is COVID-19 or also known as the CoronaVirus.  This has put a stoppage on traveling for a while but slowly countries were opening their borders to allow international travel. Many countries were very hesitant to open their borders. In a WSJ podcast it was stated that the UK was very hesitant to open their borders because of the virus. As they were slowly opening their borders another wave of the virus hit. This second wave made countries close their borders again. This second wave was a variant of the virus.  This was called the Delta variant. This variant was unknown which had causes many uncertainties and derailed progress of opening border throughout many different countries. While the U.S began to temporarily bar visitors from Africa, which is where scientists have said the variant began, The President of the United States Of America , Joe Biden, recently said that he does not expect the U.S to impose more travel restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. This shows that safety is not the main priority of the U.S. Even traveling regulations and the vaccine that are meant to keep us safe do not completely assure safety for you and your family. These waves can lead to more people becoming sick and it is not known if the vaccine shots help protect you from these variants.  


Whether it be the Delta variant which hit the UK hard or the newly found omicron variant that originated from Africa that is currently spreading throughout the world, people still wish to travel which is understandable. We have been cooped up within the same space for a very long time so I understand the feeling and want to travel, though I highly suggest that you do not traveling internationally until there is a guarantee that the vaccine, that many have already taken, can protect you and your family against this newly found strain of the Covid that is spreading. Whether there is a new vaccine you have to take or new precautions you must follow in order for you to travel there will always be a risk. The question is are you willing to risk it ?


Dylan Ramirez

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  1. Your title is good!

    NOW —

    Need to address a REAL organization or group — choose an on campus OR if you choose another organization or group (you must prove to me that this is a group that really exists).

    Needs a better close. You need a stronger call to action or solution or SOMETHING that makes a more definite purpose in your closing paragraph.

    WHERE IS THE VISUAL element — you are required to provide a visual with a caption — look at the assignment!


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