Research Source leads

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UNIT 2:  Possible RESEARCH Source leads

How will the CV Change the Way We Live? (BBC)

How the CV Could Change the Way We Live (BBC video)

Corona Virus Will Change the World Permanently (Politico)

Pandemics Kill Compasion, Too (NYT DBrooks)

Davd Brooks Pandemic pieces

Topic:  Travel

US Lifting Travel Restrictions. What Do New Rules Mean? (NYT)

I’m a US citizen.  Where in the World Can I Go? (NYT)

Travel and CV: Asnwers to Questions (NYT)

How Bad was 2020 For Tourism? (NYT)

Covid Updates:  White House Keep Travel Bans (NYT)

Can Travel be Fun Again? (NYT)

Travel Industry Welcomes Biden’s Changes (NYT)

NYC Tourism Industry Hope With Changes to Travel Rules(NYT)

Travel Workers Despair A Year Lost (NYT)

Which US States Have Travel Restrictions? (NYT)

Guidie to Reopened Europe (NYT)

Trip Stacking?  Travel Trends (NYT)



Topic:  Black Racial Profiling

Weird Year. Also Reflected in Crime Stats (NYT)

Violent Year Pandemic Fuels Crime Spike (NYT)

For Black Men Fear that Masks will Invite Racial Profiling (NYT)

For Black Americans, Wearing Mask Complicated (538)

Face Masks HIde Facial Expressions and Exacerbate Racial Bias (The Conversation)

Newist Twist in Racial Profiling:  Wearing A Mask While Black (John Jay College Center Media,Crime, Justice The Crime Report)

Masks Magnet for Racial Profiling (Seattle Times)

Co-vid Related Prejudice toward Asian Med Students (Journal of Infection Pub Health)

Masks Racial Profiling Walmart (Wa Post)

Race-Based Social Identity Threat and Mask (Sage Journal-uses sci studies)

Senators Demand Solutions for POlice Stopping Black Men for Mask (VOX)

Covid Updates: White House Keeps Travel Bans (NYT)

Topic:  Education

2021 current articles:

Addressung the impace of covid on students (CBS video)

A School Year Like No Other: Class of 2021

The Impact of Covid on High School Students

8 Ways the Pandemic May Effect Students in the Future (EdWeek)

Online Schools are Here to Stay Even After the Pandemic (NYT)

How Pandemic America Went Back to School (NYT)

Back to High School After Missing So Much (NYT)

The Kids Are Not Alright (NYT editorial)

The Pandemic Hurt These Students the Most (NYT)

What Will School REally Look Like This Fall (NYT)

Will this Be a Lost Year for America’s Children? (NYT)

The Education Lost to the Pandemic (NYT)

Covid Changed Education in American — Permanently (Politico)

What Students Are Saying About Learning Loss During the Pandemci (NYT)

This School Year has Been Unlike Any Other (NYT)

Survey Reveals Positive Outlook on Online Instruction Post-Pandemic (Inside Higher Education)


From 2020 older articles:

Not Everyone Hates Remote Learning (NYT)

What We’re Learning about Online Learning (NYT)

We’re Facing So Many Different Battles (NYT profile Towson Univ student’s personal experience coping with online college environment)

College Amid the Pandemic:  How Can College Students Cope? (Yale University)

Why I’m Learning More from Distance Learning than When I’m In School (NYT op-ed) 

This School Year Has Been Unlike Any Other

In Pandemic’s Wake Learning Pods and Microschools take Root

How School Districts Are Outsmarting A Microbe

How to DO School When Motivation Has Gone Missing 

TOPIC:  Work

How Covid Will Reshape the Workplace (Harvard)

How the World of Work May Change Forever (BBC)

Covid Killed the Traditional Workspace.  What Companies Should Do Now. (Harvard)

How Coronavirus Has/Hasn’t Changed the Way Americans Work (Pew Research)

The Big Quit NPR Podcast The Marketplace Morning Report

The Office Will Never be the Same 

Why Millions of Workers plan to Switch Jobs Post-Pandemic (Forbes)

TOPIC:  Economy

Relax. Omicron Isn’t Going to Take Down the Economy (NYT op-ed)

TOPIC: Restaurant

How Much More Can Restaurant Industry Take?  NYT op-ed

Video on Innovations in different fields includes restaurant and education and world of work (Economst)

How Eating Out Has Changed (NYT)

Why Starting a Restaurant During the Pandemic Was Smart MOve (NYT)

Nine Ways Outdoor Dining Will Change NYC (NYT)

My Restaurnat Was My Life for 20 Years (NYT)

As Covid Cases Rise, Restaurants Scramble (NYT)

Restaurants Will Never be the Same (NYT op-ed)

Back to Normal?  Tall Order as Restaurants Struggle (NYT)

Pandemic Closures Devastate Restaurant Middle Class (NYT)

TOPIC:  Health   and / or  Mental and Emtional Health?

Most of these articles are 2020 articles.  You should determine if the info presented is currect for your topic.

College Amid the Pandemic:  How Can College Students Cope? (Yale Univ)

The Pandemic of Fear and Agony (NYT DBrooks op-ed)

Teens, Covid, and Coping — good source (panel conversation with pyschologist Lisa Damour hosted by Well Beings and PBS Newshour Student Reporting

Mental Health PBS Student Reporting Lab

Young Adults Report Rising Level of Anxiety and Depression in Pandemic (NYT)

Young Adults Pandemic Mental Health Risks (NYT)

Managing CV Fears (NYT)

For Long-Haulers, Covid Takes a Toll on Mind as Well As Body (NYT)

We’re Facing So Many Different Battles (NYT profile Towson Univ student’s personal experience coping with online college environment)

Some Tips on How to Stay Sane in a World That Isn’t 

CV and the Isolation Paradox

Pandemic Depression Is About to Collide with Seasonal Depression (Washington Post)

Conspiracy Theories:  Why Some  Ppl Are Susceptible and How To Protect Yourself (W Post)

Pandemic Depression Is About to Collide with Seasonal Depression (Washington Post)

How Will We Cope WIth the Pandemic Fall 

New Findings on Children’s Mental Health

Teachers of Special Needs Students Struggle With Feelings of Helplessness

The CV’s Effect on Kids and Mental Health (Time Mag) 

Seven Ways the Pandemic is Effecting Our Mental Health (Univ CalBerkeley)

Managing Fears and Anxiety around CV (Univ CalBerkeley poster)

Coping with Stress (CDC)

Is the Lockdown Making Your Bored, or…Depressed (NYT op-ed)

Pandemic Is Mental Health Crisis for Parents (NYT)

TOPIC: Sports

The Selfishness of Djokovic (Atlantic)

IS This Still Soccer? (NYT)

How will the Corona Virus Change Sports? WaPo

Sports Changes That Could Outlast the Pandemic Washington Post

Is College Football Making the Pandemic Worse?

UFC’s Corona Virus Plan is Careful. It’s Enforcement Has Been Spotty.

Why the NBA is Planning on Going to Disney World?


Topic:  Anti Asian sentiment on the rise during CoVId

As CV Spreads, So Does Anti-Asian Sentiment (NYT)

Artists Fight Coronavirus-Related Racism on Instagram (KQED SFran public radio story)

Corona Virus Infected My High School NYT op-doc by Ch Am high school student

I am not virus. I human being. Eradicate the Prejudice.  Italian Chinese man’s video 

Italian Chinese man’s video

Spit on, Yelled at, Asian Am Fear Safety (NYT)

He was a Rising Jazz Artist.  NYC dreams Shattered. Japanese Jazz pianist attacked 10/22/20

Photoville:  Asian Americans on Race and the Pandemic  Outdoor Photography Exhibit BBPark

Time Magazine:  “I will not Stand Silent. 10 Asian Americans Reflect on Racism During the Pandemic and the Need for Equality”

AYang op ed Wash Post apr 1 Asian Am we are part of the cure

I am not the virus t-shirt

When Xenophobia Spreads like a Virus NPR radio podcast

Asian American Author Talks about Racism

When Asian Americans Have to Prove We Belong Sunday NYT

How Asian American Leaders are Grappling with Xenophobia Amid CV

How the Pandemic is Fueling Anti Chinese racist (podcast Toronto Star)

How CV is Exposing American’s Anti-Asian Racism (video Huff Post)

Misogyny Against Asian American Women Atlanta GA (Huff Post on March 17 serial killings)

Asian American Seniors Hate Crime Target (Huff Post)

Amanda Nguyen instagram video on We Dying To Be Heard

Moustafa Bayoumi NPR interview How Does It Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America


TOPIC:  Fashion

Silver Linings:  The Unexpected Beauty of Co-Vid Hair NYer photoessay

TOPIC:  Shopping

7 ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food



TOPIC: Socializing in time of CV pandemic

Wondering About Social Distancing (NYT)

A Deadly CV Mix in FLA:  An Aging Population and Lots of Young Visitors (NYT)

consequences of not following social restrictions/guidelines: 
“I am freaking out,” she said. “They absolutely did not take this seriously soon enough. Just yesterday, the beaches and Disney were still packed. What is the risk to Florida? In two months, somebody I know could be sick. Somebody I know could be dead.” (Disney World closed on Monday.)


Safely Socializing in the Time of ‘Rona (podcast)

Howt to Socialize in a Pandemic (Harvard)

Is There Any SafeWay to Socialize Inside This Winter? (Time mag)

Is There Any Safe Way to Socialize During the Coronavirus Pandemic? (Time mag)  good source


Research Topics not related to CV

Topic:  Activism and Athletics

The Kaepernick Effect:  How Taking a Knee Began A Movement (Amanpour video clip interview with author David Zirin)

New Book Dives into Problematic Treatment of Black Players Staff in Prof Sports (PBS Newshour video clip interview with author John Feinstein)

Muhammad Ali and Vietnam (Atlantic)

Topic:  Sexism

Op-ed Lisa Damour on Girls and Boys

Also TedTalk NGozi Adichie Chimamanda: We Should All Be Feminists

Podcast Sexism at Lillian Osborne HS

Various Op-Eds to brainstorm for Topics

AYang on We are not the virus

The CV infected my HS (NYT Op-Doc by KOung)

Eddie Glaude We cannot stop Racism until…

Lisa Damour on Girls and Boys

ShTurkel Stop Googling Let’s Talk

Call It What It Is:  Anti-Blackness

Also TedTalk and Google Corp Talk by Carol Dweck on Mindset and Learning

Also TedTalk NGozi Chimamanda Adichie: We Should All Be Feminists